10 May 2011

NaBloPoMo 5: Guru Factor


For the first time in my entire lifetime two astrologers on TV told that my stars are so right that *naa mutidella chinna agute* (Even sand will turn into gold when I touch it). Some Guru graha is doing vakra movement from Meena raashi to Mesha raashi. Al though I stopped trusting those men post Arpil 2008, it’s a cheap thrill to listen to it & grin, tease people around who are told that they’ll suffer & all that.

Bleedy he started saying good things to everyone who were around me, Pati & Sis (both belong to the same usual specimen raashi), Mom and even Dad too.


So these people were with their collars up & all that; but just then that fellow uttered something very apt. He said, this “Everyone will be happy but not as happy as | Insert my raashi | people”


So yeah cheap thrill it is & of course I am already happy than the rest.