25 May 2011

Hail Wetness


Bleedy Dhoni, Ruined everything for us, he should die in hell – I was fuming after yesterday’s match. & it was the same Dhoni I was going ga-ga 2 months ago when he got us the world cup. Seriously, what has IPL done to all of us; totally divided by franchises.


What is it with the rains? Wasn’t on, when I was up by 6. Wasn’t on, when I was getting dressed up. Wasn’t on, when I was putting on my jogging shoes. Wasn’t on, when I reached 100mts from house. Was on, after that? I mean seriously? But boohoo I had the umbrella.


I had the best of best breakfast today. Turned on the stove, threw some pepper sausages, meanwhile the other pan had French omelet along with hot chocolate milk. Hello, don’t blame me, blame it on the chill weather, how else do you think I’d survive?


The monsoon is here – open up the raincoats & umbrellas & blankets. Of course don’t forget to stock baaLekaayi for the bajjis. Happy drenching!!


P.S: I think Nano guys should come up with an ad on this, showing the aam jantha getting drenched & child sneezing while a happy family is inside the car, all warm & cozy.