23 May 2011

Mukya AmshagaLu


Yeddy got better again. After 12 attempts if my counting (actually churupuri’s counting) aint wrong. Earlier he was never getting to be the CM & now he is never getting to leave the throne. Some Gajakesari yogano yeno pa.


We are on the top again! Thanks to #333 that wide eyed/mouthed kid should be one happy man. Imagine the team winning and he getting to hug/peck/smooch his lady love, what else bekappa life nalli? I only hope this winning streak comtinues & converts the 3 letter word AJM to WIN.


Btw remember this news? I heard one more news today that there is a daraar in love. ROFL. That ex-sharaNe has athe kaata ante. Earlier I thought evil ladies who don’t approve of son’s happiness existed only in the movies. But you to experience the crap to believe & yes I have no doubts on that now. Oh also like in the movies, those ladies die a painfull death. I am glad about it.


We dared to venture into that Habitat mall that’s recently opened up at Mysuru, behind BM hospital (can you imagine, people call it EasyDay mall coz there is an EasyDay outlet there). So this mall basically lacks all basic amenities to think of. I am not going there again even if they give onions a rupee less than the market rate.


Aste Aste