5 May 2011

NaBloPoMo 1: Quite hard, you can say!




Err stop rollin over those eyes right now coz the title is not about things getting hard. It is about NaBloPoMo prompts for today.

I don’t know what is it with “May”, all kind of celebrations (weddings/house warming/naming ceremony) happen leaving me short of “what saree to wear”, “Whether to wear a saree”, “What jewels should I team it up”, “am I repeating things”. I am sure you will go on & start judging me that I am one of those ladies who spends huge amount of time staying in front of the mirror, has a saree that matches all the lis stick shades & yada yada.

But the point is I do have a MIL who insists her DIL to be that way whenever she is attending functions involving her family, & certain cases Pati too. Initially I thought its just with these two, but at one point of time in a particular occasion I witnessed a group of ladies bitch about such things. One lady said “Did you check out that saree | Insert Some Name Here | it’s the same thing she wore on | Insert Another Name Here | function”. Next one replies “Howdhu riii, so true the jewels were same too. I wonder what happened to the ones her father’s side gave”. The best reply “May be her husband put it in the pawn brokers. I heard he is investing on shares these days”

Trust me, my ears they started bleeding that moment. No joke really. So after that day, I just give a little extra attention to what I wear, how I wear, whether I repeat if at all I make a biggest decision which of course is the hardest decision too. Should I attend or not! most of the times I decide it, & 10% I let Pati decide. You see that man needs to given some chance too, the other day we were at a wedding and he really liked what the bride was wearing. He duely presented that on the birthday.

So the anniversary is nearing & I agreed to accompany him for few occasions. I hope its productive, my attendence. I will know soon & ya with each day a post, I’ll have it share with you all too.