9 May 2011

NaBloPoMo 4: Bisi Thuppa


No, I could not write yesterday & I was not being lazy too. Pati is down with throat infection & fever again, so I was yeah being TBN (typical Bharatiya Naari) & nursing him. You know what’s the biggest problem of being married into a doctor’s fam? When you trust upon a doctor and his prescriptions makes any sort of ailment go away in a zap & you cannot consult him coz your family will not take it rather well. See, I am not sure of its psychology or something, I have seen the medicines my FIL/BIL give do well a little late, like after you have been through all the suffering. You could as well refer to the police who come at the end of the crime scene.  


So it’s horrible to see Pati suffering & not able to suggest him another doctor. & I also hate how terribly wrong the MIL is when it comes to fever & ailments to the son. Yes we all know that mothers are protective of their children even my mother is but you shouldn’t over do it. What will it ever happen if the son has to eat bland food i.e. no salt/pepper one day? No, she has to lure him with pickles & chicken curry & what not? I mean isn’t she doing more harm on the guy’s digestive system? & of course the guy being the guy should make n number of tantrums if I ask him not to eat them, & project me like a villain.


OK, there it is, I let go a big lump of pain that was there hiding in my throat from a really long time. & I don’t mind spitting out the “Bisi-Thuppa” rather than consuming it without my likes.