12 May 2011

NaBloPoMo 7: Twister Ninja

All these cartoon channels must be banned. No really. I mean imagine what kind of nonsense they are putting into a child’s brain?


There is Chotta Bhim who can eat 2 laddoos in 2 secs.

That stupid Mr.Bean knows nothing but teasing people around him.

Oh that Barbie series has lovely frocks & gowns & make-up & what not.

Tom & Jerry never seem to stop fighting and be friends.

Scooby-Dooby-Doo is always scared, even of his shadows.

While Johny Bravo woos all the ladies around, Richie rich has robots as his servant.

There was one sensible cartoon like Popeye, seeing whom me & sis ate lot of spinach & they refuse to air him at all?


Why are they showing & making crap out of cartoons is my question? Whatever happened to Ducktales & TailsSpin & Mouglee???

Except for Pink Panther, I love it.


With so much of crap they are also showing ads. In such way that my niece wants “Twister Ninja” ice-cream since her exam got over. Trust me we have visited entire “Quality Walls” outlets in Mysore & they have run out of it each time. One shop-keeper says those sticks get purchased box-wise & not in singles at any cost. He went ahead & too Pati’s number, said he’ll give a call when the stocks are here & demanded one rupee for the phone call even. So much for an ice-cream I tell you, karmakanda.


Just give me one plastic ball full of Joy ice-cream & I’ll not complain. & no I am not having kids after viewing all this, so doesn’t blame me :P