30 May 2011

Rajni Nagavalli & Dhoni

Have the people of TN forgotten that Rajnikanth is a human being. & he has to die one day? May be not today but someday, he has to.
I have a solution to offer, why not start worshipping Dhoni like Rajni. I mean of all the whistle podu situation he has created, you all must owe him that at least.
I am amazed by the fact that no TV channel has started linking Rajni's illhealth with Nagavalli. Yea like, kaaduthidaaLa naagavalli? And all? May be they'll soon.
Btw the ooty trip was a major disaster. I dont even wanna share, that level. But the climate was ummm cuddling, made me have 6 warkis. They were hot & I couldnt help. Also Gundlupet has a CCD. Not user friendly though.
More laters!