30 Jun 2011

huli bantu huli

I am not sure whether meeting the huLi was a good omen or brought bad luck, but currently it lifts me over the page3 status. With Mysuru Mithra & Star of Mysore, publishing the photos I am surely not complaining.
For the ignorant (who do not follow me on FB or twitter) here is what happened:
Dad called us and said that he wanted us to join him, mom and sis for the Ooty trip. The man never takes off work so we agreed instantly. Of course like last time it was disaster weather wise. It was cold, windy and rainy too, couldn’t step out of the motel. Ate slept, then ate slept, and again ate slept and then ok so you got the point. Plus I caught a horrible cold!!!
So while we were cribbing each other on the way back on Sunday June 28th 2011 near Bandipur at we see “The Big Cat”. The car halts in screech, lots of clicking, no words spoken, oh wait it was actually this below conversation
Dad: Lemme open the window pane & we shall get a good view of the tiger
Sis: Oh lord, I’ll google & get you better photos, *shouts* LETS GO LETS GO
We decided we take a U turn and return back, & behold we saw the animal again. The walk, it was so majestic, did not even care of our presence, did not disturb us (nor did we) crossed the road with such elegance. Those 3 minutes were the best in my life, seriously.
Now you would ask what the big deal is, of course it is a big deal. I have heard of photographers who went deep inside the jungle just to click the animal & came out with photos of rabbits. There are people who curse the safaris coz they hardly spot any creature. But at that odd hour, spotting the creature, in the natural habitat twice and without anyone around – yeah it is a terrific deal.
P.S: finally someone out here said “Only a tiger can meet a tiger” – yeah I couldn’t agree more.

24 Jun 2011

You are getting OLD

One more year & you are one more year older.

Its pleasure knowing you both @LoudPotato (a.k.a Tigress) and MarenelloDreamer (a.k.a Po)


Wishing you both a very happy birthday, hope Lord gives me some strength to tolerate more years’ of your silliness

*Now where is my cake*




22 Jun 2011

Reel Reality


The other day we were discussing about stuff that would instill some sense of patience in you. Like soothe you down and prepare you for the upcoming stress stuff.

One thing I remember is that my mama would give me these old cassettes whose tapes were stuck while they played and got tangled. They needed to be shoved inside the cassette case again. All it required is a pencil that would fit inside the two holes the cassette had and patience, to very softly unravel, straighten the reel right.

You were expected to slowly twist the pencil after letting it inside the hole, in the right direction to send the tape in, in between also untie the knots. I would sit hours together to get that done, & once it was done I would be beautifully stressed out plus that whole day would go with so much ease.

Huh long gone are cassettes and that activity too, I am sure my kids wont even know how much of a bustle & fun it was.


21 Jun 2011

Film: Shaitan

Simple story, Complex characters, Awesome Music, Loose screenplay, tight dialogues, Hot Rajeev and Terrific direction.

The lesser said about the movie the better, watch it for an enthralling experience. Oh, how can I not mention anything about Khoya Khoya Chand, how well these guys have taken the most romantic song to best suit the action sequence!

To all those who complain about the horrid movies these days, this should keep you quiet. Go, get the Shaitan out of you.

P.S: That adisiya raagam is my day beginner now.

20 Jun 2011

Talk in Hindi Pls...


While we were tripping up north, everyone around were in praise of my Hindi.

How good it is and how well it is along the lines of the language that they talk there.

If I have to thank someone about my Hindi it would be Neha & her immediate family.

The way we conversed during my school days and ahead of them is the reason that my Hindi is so good.


Oh there is one more, who helped my Hindi. That one person always insisted I talk over Hindi coz that used to, Ah well lets not get into that. This is a family blog after all.


17 Jun 2011

When and Then

When I was in Orkut, you din't even know what social networking was.
When you logged and started adding fraannnnds I had already changed 63 display pics.
When you learnt to change photos I had 58 fans.
When you celebrated occasion of getting 25 fans I was bored there.
When you were breathing Orkut I killed my account.
When I started facing people you did not even know about the book.
When I was updating statuses you created an account.
When I started getting bugged you were liking my old pics.
Now when I am about to quit there and almost freaked into twitter I am sure you will follow me there.

Dude get a life and set a trend. Stop following, its not happening at all.

2 instances

Why people of Mysore are known for their reasons not to change but stick to being uneducated villagers


  1. They call 5 lights circle as Pilot circle


Of course this is named after the circle having a big pole with 5 lights in it. The British established it and called it rightly. Those days the people were not even aware of “A” of English alphabets & couldn’t pronounce the same. The made 5 lights as pilot circle. OK, mistakes happen but even till this date they call it the same. PILOT circle & if you tell them the right name they give such strange looks


  1. They call Lansdowne building as landstone building


This building was named again by the British as Lansdowne named after the then viceroy of India. Again there was a pronunciation problem and people started calling it landstone, apparently they thought it was made up of stone. 


Of course may be I am blessed to know the truth & the exact names from the cops but still when someone says a little extra or gives an information, people here are not ready to accept or listen to the facts at all.

The bottom-line is people here are not ready to take information and change. Just know it all types.


16 Jun 2011

M.U.S.I.C -K

Go to this below link & download the first song Kavana by Santhosh


Then go to this below link and download Niluvadhamu Ninu epudaina



Don’t they sound same? I mean the na na chorus of Nuvastanate is the main tune in Dhan Dhana Dhan.

Oh also “Achu Mechu” of Manasology is ditto picked up from “Pehle Nazar Mein” opening tune.

Did you hear Thagalakonde from Jogaih? How come they did not take name of the great, ever loving lady Jayanti in the song? & Best is *Gandbeeri Rakshitha* no can beat that.


Anyways in between all these copycats world Music day is on June 21st 2011. Lets all hope there is some originality soon.


15 Jun 2011

Film: Kung Fu Panda 2

Pati wasn’t agreeing on watching “Kung Fu Panda 2”, no matter how many tantrums I made. I hate animation, he claimed. I just gave him two choices, “To have a kid or take me to movie”, with the review coming up you all should know what he chose.
We were at this new mall in Bannerghatta road very near to Nagi’s home. Its pretty decent when compared to Manthri and certainly has some good crowd when compared to Gopalan arcade (I saw panche clad men without chappals). Meenakshi Mall offers Cinepolis, I say I was very impressed.
Po discovers that he is getting random scene flashed that he thinks is related to his parents. So he asks his goose father, to which he says that he just knows that Po was in a box filled with radish. Cut to now, the Kung Fu masters are in trouble and are to be saved. Panda, Tigress, snake, crab all set out to China where they fight the White peacock and its fire machines. Meanwhile Po discovers about his past, that peacock killed his parents, and gets inner peace and kills peacock. There isn’t really much 3D in the movie, & Angelina Jolie’s voice as tigress sounds like the animal is having an orgasm.
Po reminded me of Nagi, I am not sure why. Between if you guys visit this mall, make sure you fetch “small” category of the popcorn, coz that itself is like bucket in the PVR. I was so happy with the fact that these guys don’t fool around like Inox and PVR. We also saved some & bought home which sistah relished thoroughly.
P.S: There are 2 new malls near Jayadeva, I am sure the Kotigobba fan must be feeling more like billionaire now.

10 Jun 2011

Aane Banthondh Aane

I am sure you would have heard about the Rampage in Mysuru yesterday. & I think that was the best thing that happened to this otherwise boring place. The last time something like this had occurred, every other person on chat were thinking girls from this region are *that types* (Yeah courtesy Hassan guys who came & did it here)
After all the drama, those two elephants are classified into “Mischievous” a.k.a “Pundaane” category. These will be getting some kaTiNa shikshe back at Bandipur under captivity. Poor souls, I wonder what made them even come inside the city. & like all the men ventured only inside women’s colleges.
In other news, we went to Dosalicious. I loved the Bangalore like feel that restaurant has, I mean I opted for a window view & merrily saw the traffic on K.D. The spring roll dosa was a total value for money, but some Mexican Rava thing ruined the appetite. & without me asking Pati decided we go have some ice-cream at Corner House. This sis girl had once suggested Ramocca and we relished that.
So here is to my man, with elephant baLa in astrological terms gaJa kesari yoga Cheers!

8 Jun 2011

Slut Walk

A girl gets raped, & its her fault? Ulta chor kotwaal ko daante

Her fault that she wanted to earn bread for her family.
Her fault that her dad was a drunkard and refused to earn money.
Her fault that she did not choose to sleep with men and go work her a** off.
Her fault that she was travelling alone coz her job wanted her to.
Her fault that the man entered the ladies compartment.
Her fault that he entered the ladies conpartment.
Her fault that he raped her?

A girl has to get scared coz its all about the consequences she’ll have to face.
But what about the men? Finish their job and shoot the guilt?
That’s what you world ask for isnt it?

They say that the women who dress up *that way* are victimized coz they call for it.
Uh huh so tell me all you fools, if your sister dresses up that way will you rape her?
Do you know that 80% of the women are raped even when they wear sarees
Oh btw wasn’t that you the same men who segregated saree as one of the sexiest clothing?

What culture are you talking about?
Where we find fathers assaulting their own daughters?
Men taking on women and then blackmailing them that the society will black list them if they tell-o-tale?

To all the men who think that women are themselves responsible for the rapes, & wants to get raped, its not some kind of a fantasy.
Stop torturing the victims and start focusing on how to zip it up.

I personally feel the world will never get the point. The point of *respecting women* for what they are, what they do and most importantly how well they do!

7 Jun 2011


We were at a cousin’s engagement yesterday & while I was scanning things around I observed a whole lot that goes unsaid in such occasions.
The parents of the Bride will be the most tensed, I simply can’t tell why. Marriage is an effort from both the sides & every good/bad should be in the combined ownership as well. It is a big occasion in the life of the couple & I don’t think the parents get to witness the golden moment at all.   
So the girl was draped in the Saree with great finesse & looked all pretty with the minimum amount of jewels as well. But there was something lacking, yeah she refused to smile at any point of time. I even cracked a joke, & the whole bunch of people around chuckled but she didn’t. Pati started getting tensed for the guy, that may be that the lady isn’t interested & stuff.
Then came the “Mooh Meeta Karo” situation, when the guy stuffed sweet in her mouth. & that’s when we all knew the truth. Apparently the girl has 2 cute bunny teeth & may be she was apprehensive about how the crowd would take it. She had told the same to the guy.
I told her, when the partner had no concerns why hide the happiness? & then she smiled. It added to the glory.
Oh I love happy endings.

P.S: This post was all about what happened after the sweet was fed. So the girl with total flair passed on the sweet to someone around & the guy being the guy was munching it on the stage, with no concerns whatsoever.
(In Big B tone) MEN….

6 Jun 2011


Homecoming is one of the most happiest & celebrated events in India. It makes sense when you are away from family, friends for quite some time & the vacations are planned to be with the world & share joyous moments with them. Sometimes it’s not even told at home & you want it to be a surprise, hmm at times like these if you do not get the right transport from the airport to your home, it does take a whole lot of patience out of you.


Sometimes it’s the irritating drivers, most of the times it’s the way they quote to a hefty price & worst of all the conditions of the taxi will piss you off after returning back from the mostly systematic foreign lands. You might sit in the cab & start cursing the set-up here; well you don’t have to do that anymore, presenting “Taxi For Sure”, hassle free online booking of taxis now operating in Bangalore.


For more details have a look here http://taxiforsure.com/


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