17 Jun 2011

2 instances

Why people of Mysore are known for their reasons not to change but stick to being uneducated villagers


  1. They call 5 lights circle as Pilot circle


Of course this is named after the circle having a big pole with 5 lights in it. The British established it and called it rightly. Those days the people were not even aware of “A” of English alphabets & couldn’t pronounce the same. The made 5 lights as pilot circle. OK, mistakes happen but even till this date they call it the same. PILOT circle & if you tell them the right name they give such strange looks


  1. They call Lansdowne building as landstone building


This building was named again by the British as Lansdowne named after the then viceroy of India. Again there was a pronunciation problem and people started calling it landstone, apparently they thought it was made up of stone. 


Of course may be I am blessed to know the truth & the exact names from the cops but still when someone says a little extra or gives an information, people here are not ready to accept or listen to the facts at all.

The bottom-line is people here are not ready to take information and change. Just know it all types.