10 Jun 2011

Aane Banthondh Aane

I am sure you would have heard about the Rampage in Mysuru yesterday. & I think that was the best thing that happened to this otherwise boring place. The last time something like this had occurred, every other person on chat were thinking girls from this region are *that types* (Yeah courtesy Hassan guys who came & did it here)
After all the drama, those two elephants are classified into “Mischievous” a.k.a “Pundaane” category. These will be getting some kaTiNa shikshe back at Bandipur under captivity. Poor souls, I wonder what made them even come inside the city. & like all the men ventured only inside women’s colleges.
In other news, we went to Dosalicious. I loved the Bangalore like feel that restaurant has, I mean I opted for a window view & merrily saw the traffic on K.D. The spring roll dosa was a total value for money, but some Mexican Rava thing ruined the appetite. & without me asking Pati decided we go have some ice-cream at Corner House. This sis girl had once suggested Ramocca and we relished that.
So here is to my man, with elephant baLa in astrological terms gaJa kesari yoga Cheers!