15 Jun 2011

Film: Kung Fu Panda 2

Pati wasn’t agreeing on watching “Kung Fu Panda 2”, no matter how many tantrums I made. I hate animation, he claimed. I just gave him two choices, “To have a kid or take me to movie”, with the review coming up you all should know what he chose.
We were at this new mall in Bannerghatta road very near to Nagi’s home. Its pretty decent when compared to Manthri and certainly has some good crowd when compared to Gopalan arcade (I saw panche clad men without chappals). Meenakshi Mall offers Cinepolis, I say I was very impressed.
Po discovers that he is getting random scene flashed that he thinks is related to his parents. So he asks his goose father, to which he says that he just knows that Po was in a box filled with radish. Cut to now, the Kung Fu masters are in trouble and are to be saved. Panda, Tigress, snake, crab all set out to China where they fight the White peacock and its fire machines. Meanwhile Po discovers about his past, that peacock killed his parents, and gets inner peace and kills peacock. There isn’t really much 3D in the movie, & Angelina Jolie’s voice as tigress sounds like the animal is having an orgasm.
Po reminded me of Nagi, I am not sure why. Between if you guys visit this mall, make sure you fetch “small” category of the popcorn, coz that itself is like bucket in the PVR. I was so happy with the fact that these guys don’t fool around like Inox and PVR. We also saved some & bought home which sistah relished thoroughly.
P.S: There are 2 new malls near Jayadeva, I am sure the Kotigobba fan must be feeling more like billionaire now.