30 Jun 2011

huli bantu huli

I am not sure whether meeting the huLi was a good omen or brought bad luck, but currently it lifts me over the page3 status. With Mysuru Mithra & Star of Mysore, publishing the photos I am surely not complaining.
For the ignorant (who do not follow me on FB or twitter) here is what happened:
Dad called us and said that he wanted us to join him, mom and sis for the Ooty trip. The man never takes off work so we agreed instantly. Of course like last time it was disaster weather wise. It was cold, windy and rainy too, couldn’t step out of the motel. Ate slept, then ate slept, and again ate slept and then ok so you got the point. Plus I caught a horrible cold!!!
So while we were cribbing each other on the way back on Sunday June 28th 2011 near Bandipur at we see “The Big Cat”. The car halts in screech, lots of clicking, no words spoken, oh wait it was actually this below conversation
Dad: Lemme open the window pane & we shall get a good view of the tiger
Sis: Oh lord, I’ll google & get you better photos, *shouts* LETS GO LETS GO
We decided we take a U turn and return back, & behold we saw the animal again. The walk, it was so majestic, did not even care of our presence, did not disturb us (nor did we) crossed the road with such elegance. Those 3 minutes were the best in my life, seriously.
Now you would ask what the big deal is, of course it is a big deal. I have heard of photographers who went deep inside the jungle just to click the animal & came out with photos of rabbits. There are people who curse the safaris coz they hardly spot any creature. But at that odd hour, spotting the creature, in the natural habitat twice and without anyone around – yeah it is a terrific deal.
P.S: finally someone out here said “Only a tiger can meet a tiger” – yeah I couldn’t agree more.


Prashanth M said...

couldn't suppress myself from nitpicking... huLi = ಹುಳಿ and huli = ಹುಲಿ.. :)

btw nice photos...

Kaavya said...

Thanks a lot Prashanth. Will surely change it

Danger Mouse said...

Why only one pic? Where are the rest? Why does churmuri have better pics than your own blog?

Kaavya said...