22 Jun 2011

Reel Reality


The other day we were discussing about stuff that would instill some sense of patience in you. Like soothe you down and prepare you for the upcoming stress stuff.

One thing I remember is that my mama would give me these old cassettes whose tapes were stuck while they played and got tangled. They needed to be shoved inside the cassette case again. All it required is a pencil that would fit inside the two holes the cassette had and patience, to very softly unravel, straighten the reel right.

You were expected to slowly twist the pencil after letting it inside the hole, in the right direction to send the tape in, in between also untie the knots. I would sit hours together to get that done, & once it was done I would be beautifully stressed out plus that whole day would go with so much ease.

Huh long gone are cassettes and that activity too, I am sure my kids wont even know how much of a bustle & fun it was.