6 Jun 2011


Homecoming is one of the most happiest & celebrated events in India. It makes sense when you are away from family, friends for quite some time & the vacations are planned to be with the world & share joyous moments with them. Sometimes it’s not even told at home & you want it to be a surprise, hmm at times like these if you do not get the right transport from the airport to your home, it does take a whole lot of patience out of you.


Sometimes it’s the irritating drivers, most of the times it’s the way they quote to a hefty price & worst of all the conditions of the taxi will piss you off after returning back from the mostly systematic foreign lands. You might sit in the cab & start cursing the set-up here; well you don’t have to do that anymore, presenting “Taxi For Sure”, hassle free online booking of taxis now operating in Bangalore.


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& it works the other way around too. So have a try all you travelers!