7 Jun 2011


We were at a cousin’s engagement yesterday & while I was scanning things around I observed a whole lot that goes unsaid in such occasions.
The parents of the Bride will be the most tensed, I simply can’t tell why. Marriage is an effort from both the sides & every good/bad should be in the combined ownership as well. It is a big occasion in the life of the couple & I don’t think the parents get to witness the golden moment at all.   
So the girl was draped in the Saree with great finesse & looked all pretty with the minimum amount of jewels as well. But there was something lacking, yeah she refused to smile at any point of time. I even cracked a joke, & the whole bunch of people around chuckled but she didn’t. Pati started getting tensed for the guy, that may be that the lady isn’t interested & stuff.
Then came the “Mooh Meeta Karo” situation, when the guy stuffed sweet in her mouth. & that’s when we all knew the truth. Apparently the girl has 2 cute bunny teeth & may be she was apprehensive about how the crowd would take it. She had told the same to the guy.
I told her, when the partner had no concerns why hide the happiness? & then she smiled. It added to the glory.
Oh I love happy endings.

P.S: This post was all about what happened after the sweet was fed. So the girl with total flair passed on the sweet to someone around & the guy being the guy was munching it on the stage, with no concerns whatsoever.
(In Big B tone) MEN….


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