12 Jul 2011

Film: Badrinath

This movie begins & I start to feel whether I came to watch “King Fu Panda 2” or “The Karate Kid” again. Yeah the Prakash raj guy who is always angry teaches set of kids some ancient martial arts where they learn slokas, & run faster than trains, jump mountains, climb upon each other and reach sky while fighting and such nonsense.  

When they are old enough they choose temples like they choose “Pick & Speak” topics. Of course Badri (a.k.a HOT allu Arvind) gets Badrinath. He has to savior that temple at any cost and also he cannot use the techniques the guru taught him for his private lives i.e. love/dove. There arises a situation where there is a terrorist attack and Badri kills everyone with guns with his sword & 2 fingers. He is HOT so yes he can do whatever he wants.

Enter heroine (according to magician she is doll type sexy) who gets thrown into river and also pulled back. She hates lord and loves Badri, so then she starts loving Badrinath, lord too. He is just running around with her aste, silly girl doesn’t understand that. Then there are rowdies wearing white calling someone Sarkar, rowdy son wanting to marry heroine yada yada. Enter Badri who kills everyone again (?) and takes heroine back to Badrinath in train. There she tells him that she loves him and he hits her and asks her to get out. Meanwhile Guru who so wanted his shishya to be an aadharma brahmachaari gives permission to marry her.

In-between all this drama are like 6 songs, the awesome stills of the lord, all displaying Allu’s body, his dance moves, the action. If not for him and the hotness I would have surely given it a pass. But then for married girls like how my colleague Pavithra says “View Only” access is a boon.