5 Jul 2011

Film: Delhi Belly

First of all, I am glad I did not watch this movie in the Infy multiplex. That would be like having chicken with a bomman I suppose. Anyways I was of the feeling that I would not like the movie before I ventured into because I have never liked toilet humor. The movie starts off with the globe sa bum and ends with the hot smooch Imran & Poonam share.

In-between its Packet of diamonds, Shenaz’s boobs, VJ Anusha’s I hate you; like I love you in brackets interview, Imran’s poking stubble, Vir’s nakhush and very khush khela, Kunal’s crotch touch infected tandoori, prostitute fondling, blackmail photos, food poisoning, no water hence orange juice, Packet of stool sample, Packets delivery, Packet exchange, Gangster sliding the stool (someone puked in the theater btw), picking calls while doing, Black-eye, break-up, hair matters, Jaa chudail, Mundan, Siirrrr Lundryyyyyyy, gora gets beaten up, Shenaz’s boobs again, gangster attack, ceiling falls, dancer’s leg stuck, diamonds sale, take 90laks, Shenaz kidnap, burkhas, give back 90laks

Bhaaag D.K Bose

Enter kidnap, gunfight, slaps and kisses.

Between lots of beep beep beep beep beep words & yes SHIT.

The best is yet to come, there was this comment (stated below) in one of the review pages. I almost fell off my chair laughing. What was this guy thinking?

Request Aamir Khan that he is a Icon for young and family viewers also but after see this movies I really feed bad and shame sir. I just want to say you that you are a genious and you no need to make these type of movies for money. Sorry but Its true you really hearted us and I leave movies in first half. I feel very bad when my 4 yeard old son listen word G***U and B******D and he ask me pappa ya kya hotha hai that time I cry sir I cry

He is the real D.K.Bose