18 Jul 2011

Film: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara


First of all, I am amused that how can one person be talented in so many ways? Farhan is an awesome director, tonsil-husky voice that women die for, fantabulous dancer and now a better actor than Hrithik? How on earth he manages to master all methinks. Oh hold on, he is a writer too? Runs in the blood must be.

The movie revolves around the 3 best buds who have decided to take this adventure trip 4 years back. With matters related to heart, they cancel and now that Abhay is getting married to typical-nagging-GF Kalki, he suggests they take the trip now as his bachelors’ trip. Deep-sea diving at Costa Brava, sky-diving in Sevilla and the San Fermin Bull Run in Pamplona, not to forget the Tomatina festival in Bunyol, are the adventures planned by each one of them where everyone lets go the fears of life.

All of which have been beautifully shot, made me tell Pati that we cancel Switzerland and run to Spain. There are few cheesy dialogues like “Tumhari Zindagi Badalwaali Hai” by Laila a.k.a Katrina who I think was freshly assaulted by Sallu Bhai during the shooting. & make-up did not cover it up. Sad, much sad, for her; Kalki irritates the audience just like she irritates her fiancĂ©.

Then there is Bagwati, that’s what Farhan calls the bag worth 12 thousand Euros that Abhay purchased for Kalki. Silly as it might sound, I guess people giggled the most over it. Adding on is the “Mantally Sick ho chukka hai. He is MANTAL BUOY” dialogue that lingers in my mind even now, Oh how can I forget to mention the wind in the hair feel along the road trip with horses along the green pastures.

Watch it for Farhan’s voice, Farhan’s acting, Farhan’s silliness, Farhan’s shaayari, Farhan’s emotions, Farhan’s dance… Just for FARHAN