7 Jul 2011

Mission 7/7

So that’s it. Mission 7/7 is accomplished finally. After so much of hard work, tension, last minute traumas Pati has did it in 2 years which was dad’s dream say 20 years may be.
I have to put it up here so that one day when we build something of our own we should know the efforts we both put in acquiring it at first place. The n number of battles we fought against the world and sometimes against each other just to get things right in place. Yeah today we both bought our dream plot, which had eyed for almost 2 years together and me 20 years alone. The land which someday will be converted to home; it couldn’t have been possible without few people and it would really bad from my part if I do not thank them. Vatti (I know shocking what the 19year old did), Naveen (criminal as always) and Dad.
Finally Pati, without him I surely would have given up, I love you baby!!
*ah the world is a happy place*