29 Jul 2011

News that is GOOD

This place is all rusted and spider-webbed. What is with the spiders and making webs at face level, I say. Ewwww!!!

We had a family reunion lately. I know all of us are 3hours apart but eegina no-time kaaladalli it’s a big deal for the “Churdaars” meet without any marriage/ thithi / naamkarna / gurhapravesha. That cousin who never comes was here as well, to take guidance from me & Sanki. Sanki was like “Ayyo 673 ranking guy asking 4 digits ranked people advice is so lame”. I just made him shut-up & spoke like I stood first in engg year 2002. He listened and took EC in RVCE, wow looks like I am super career guide material.

It’s my birthday tomorrow. I am sure the ground beneath you shook for a minute or so. Birthday and no countdown eh? Of course I will have no countdown. This is my official birthday, so I have to behave professional and all that. So just be nice and send the gifts, don’t make me become the one I am during the real birthday.

Doctor sistah is doing complete othla at home. I am sending her sms’es and tweets and calls to get my work done. Bleedy she doesn’t even move an inch. Oh, we are off to amchi Mumbai this independence day. Honestly I have no hope of coming back! I mean think about it these patriotic days are the auspicious days for blasts and all. That too in that ‘BOMB-ay’ Mother India has been instructed by her friend that it will rains all day and hence she has to carry two clothes per day. Big mistake, big mistake; even otherwise she would carry, now tho she’ll carry three. Last heard she asked sister, its 25kgs per person right?

You people have been asking “Any good news” questions way too much I think & hence giving one. I got promoted. Hello, that’s good news no? Now stop behaving like my M.I.L and congratulate me. For all the sweat/tears I have shed, I deserve happy things only. Thatha was like “Oh so promoted eh? Desktop to Laptop?” & he was serious.

P.S: You are considered totally useless if you are not daddy or mummy by your 1st wedding anniversary!!! So start making them now at least, & btw this rule applies to those couple where one of the partner in/above 30s