8 Jul 2011

Paapam Paayasam

I don’t know how to make payasam, she declared.
There were lightning and thunders; & earth just cracked beneath his feet.
Payasam for him was like how NiceRoad for NidheGowdru and corruption for Chedyurappa.

He called the civil lawyer uncle who stayed next to him in the vatara.
Lawyer uncle’s wife lifted the phone, & said “Yenappa Munnar cold itha?”
Ayyo aunty had to crack a cold joke in a hot situation, wife thought.

*Talaak Talaak Talaak* annoke they were not of that Jaathi also.
What will Pati Parameshwar do anta yochnege bidhlu wifey.
That’s when he spoke, in a requesting tone “Payasam recipe kodtira aunty”

Aunty, Pati and Wifey all lived happily ever after.
Not the payasam though. It was thoroughly consumed.