20 Aug 2011

Dums: Nod-dhe Nod-dhe Nodbardhanna Na Nod-dhe

This goes way back in 2004, on one fateful morning when Dums was walking from hostel to the classes at the PS block.

It was wheezing problem Veena’s class. Myself, T and M were already in the respective places. The flowers Veena wore were as fresh as her just done make-up. She had almost started the class when Dums made an entry.

“Excuse me maam”, she said.

Bega barakke agalwenri?” yelled Veena.

Maam…..” there was a sense of smashaaNa mauna in the class, apart from we 3 giggling.

“Come in”

Within few minutes Dums settled in her place. I observed that she was sweating. I asked her to chill, “ley it’s just a class. Why so much tension” I wrote on the chit and passed.

This was our usual thing. We just didn’t make chits for internals but we had chits for every class. I think it was BSR who once said “Don’t you think I know that you gals chat in chits?” Yeah, we made sure we increased the intensity of the chit writing. Also we didn’t waste paper; every space the chit was thoroughly utilized. The amount of chits could araam se boil water for two days.

Coming back, she was still tensed. That’s when I knew something was wrong. I mean couldn’t imagine my close friend getting anxious about missing Veena’s class. Nah, Never!!!


I wrote “babes you all right? Yenaithu?” and passed the chit.

“@#$%^&*! My eys are bledin kaNe. sw smtn dt shouldn’t hv”, then it was passed to all the 3. Veena was shouting at someone by then and I couldn’t stop myself, I spoke.

“Will you please tell us, curiosity is killing us?” all 3 agreed. I am not sure about T though, she would be still wondering what the first line in the chit was, can’t blame her, she used to sit towards the side where the lecturers walked.

Following is the extract lifted from that chit (spelling mistakes are totally Dums fault, she is known for that)


D wrote “I ws comin twrds clas via PH block. Almst rchd PS block & 1 guy, he stood ther, hd removed his pant &…… “

We 3 didn’t have words, to talk or to write. For the next few minutes I think Veena’s voice was heard carefully, but with so many questions in our minds. By the time she started calling attendance; T also had understood and was in a state of shock.

We were hoping the next class which was of SG (I suppose) shouldn’t happen. It did and that too without a gap. We were struck again with chits. I couldn’t wait any longer.

I wrote “r u fine? He ws far right?”

Dums: S far. M Nt fine. I sw it L

M: L sorry dummu. Apne aap ko sambhalo

T: *silent*


Lunch that day was silent too. No one spoke; then again Dums broke the silence. “I think we should report this, few of the hostel gals were also complaining”, I agreed. I think it was T or M who denied, “sumne Y headache” they said.

That was spoken for few days and then forgotten. But 2 months later something really terrible happened. We were done with the internals on the 1st floor and were coming down, that’s when all 4 of us saw him. He was doing the same, jerking himself.

T shrieked. And 4 of ran towards the cycle stand near the Nescafe. I called the security and said something which of course I don’t remember. & if you know about the security they were just bunch of losers, who knew just to whistle at students and couples and groups. Never ever did the real job of securing people.

So that security ran towards the place where all our hands were pointed to, but by then he ran away. Few even told us that he might be the gardener at the college. Whatever man, why show his garden to us? What ill had we done to witness such horrifying scene?


Like we were so scared that we screwed up our marks that sem, really!!


P.S: Thanks to Dums for allowing me to script this incident. You are a brave girl lady, I mean watching that twice, phew medal kodsbeku :D










Dums said...

Do u have chits of our conversations.. plz plz scan and send it to me ....

KGBoss said...

Bingo Mad angles.....cant say anything