23 Aug 2011

Film: Jogayya


Pre-condition: You should have watched Prem’s Jogi for going further down the review. If not, I say leave the space & come back another day.


Before I begin, it was much delight to see annavru in the prologue, the same scene where in Parvathamma puts akki to bogase of Jogi in the movie Jogi.

Sakkath Story Boss-u

Jogi alias Madesa is now in Mumbai, playing a normal kuri kaayonu in a household that has a taller than him heroine. He tries to act like Rajkumar at most of the places & fails. You see no one can be a Rajkumar, not even the sons. Most of the characters are repeated in this movie, like “bubayya, the muslim chacha” & that Oh-I-forgot-his-name guy. Meanwhile everyone is doing dhandha in the name of Jogi whilst he is romancing with the heroine. Prem has very intelligently taken the narration and kept the audiences in the tip of their chair just to know how this movie is actually connected to Jogi. Kudos for him to portray the current political scenario damn well to the Underworld story, this is one of the major highlights of the movie.

Characterization chillampilli Boss-u

Heroine swalpa tall for SRK but yet she is one of the strong points of the movie, it is she who gets Jogi freed, it is she who fights for him, it is she who also goes away when he she realizes he aint the guy she fell in love with. Pooja Gandhi, side alli sink agtiyallamma, I wonder how you manage to get every small part & make sure that you nibhaisu it well, & yeah that “appaNNa” guy, are you “Loose-maadha”’s brother or something. Whatever it is I am thoroughly impressed, you were much better than biDDa. & the one who played “Yeddy”, yappa total bang on. He looks the same and acts the same. RaviShankar does an exceptionally well enacting “Narendra Babu Dumma”.

Finally SRK, what can I say, you have proven me wrong, my every statement that made fun of you is maaf, just that one scene, the 1 minute one just before the climax, where in you wonder what the hell happened, you take that chapli and hit it to your heart twice, wah just feast to the eyes.

Daring Dance, Super songsu Boss-u

The opening song requires nothing but applause. Handling a team of 50+ and getting them in sync with Shivanna’s dance is itself a task and I don’t know the choreographer, you’ve made it look very pristine. So are rest of the songs, Oda ley is supposed to be 3D but theaters in Mysore didn’t have that so I’ll have to cut the review on that.

Thaglakonde by Uppi, take a bow. Its whacky, it says a lot of a man who has done 100 movies in Sandalwood and its peppy too.

Boss-u Gedhbitte Boss-u

The day I heard about “Preethi Yeke Bhumi Melidhe”, I had shed blood. That was the amount of hope I had on nam Mandya hudga. The day he married Gandbheeri Rakshitha, I knew he was gone. Nela kachidha prem I read when Raj the showman was a flop. But post this, man he is back and how? Full phoenix type-u

& for all the guys who are ranting about the movie being dumb, come on guys, enough of “Yograj Bhatt” type, Doodhpeda oriented movies. I am fed up of ade dialogues and ade rain, the macchu, longggu just made my day. Whistled my heart out, I am one of the happy audience.  





Dums said...

ootnalli ondu sakkat movie alvra !!

Kaavya said...

Hoon kanakka