18 Aug 2011

Threads & Knots - 2

Story till here

& it took lot of time to clean up the glass mess.

Joke apart, I don’t think he recognized me. But I did. Mihir was the brightest of all kids in school. I could trust my memory; we were classmates from 5th till 9th.  He was one of those kids who sat in the front bench and by hearted syllabus page wise, like the “Vicki the robot” kinds.

I still remember Independence Day celebrations where I and Mihir hosted the show. That’s when I actually understood that the guy was not just about books, he had an amazing outlook towards life. Within no time we were best buds when the kids around started talking ill about us. I was just 15 then and totally freaked out, I even thought what if this remains a “kaLank” for the rest of my life. What if no one marries me, and then I would have no kids. Those days my ambition was to get married and have kids. Coming back, I decided to do it, to stop all the crap talks all I did was tie him rakhi & make him my rakhi brother. It shut everyone up at school.

Now if Mihir is my brother Mahantesh would be my brother too isn’t it? I called off the wedding and quoted the reason, my inner sense wouldn’t permit to do it. Not at all, so that was it, love story with a brutal ending.

P.S: Stop tying rakhis to every Tom, Dick and Harry. This could happen to you as well.



Dums said...

Ha ha ha :)

Sujata Rajpal said...

Your rakhi brother's brother need not be your brother. Good story !but you could have added a little bit more spice to it to add to the suspense.