28 Sep 2011

Dining Table Tales

You all should stop judging police. That they are pot bellied, drink, smoke, play cards and aren’t fit. That’s not the truth; that’s so not the truth. Have you seen my dad? He is fit like a boy in his teens & of course he doesn’t do any of those good habits. I even heard someone tell him, “Ni yentha Police, yav keTTa abyasanu illa, hogLi police bhashenu upyogsalla

Staying fit is probably his only motto in life. Oh wait, I forgot to mention, he is a veggie. Yeah you heard that right, veggie Gowda. I guess when I told the same Pati almost fainted. & for fitness his regime consists of 5kms run in the morning & 2kms in the evening.

Here is the diet *burrpppp* eh this mutton saaru, excuse me


7am – a glass of bottleguard juice + a bowl of papaya

8:30am – no rice item, no coconut oriented breakfast

11am – tender coconut

1pmmudhe + saaru, a bowl of rice & a dry vegetable palya

4pm – a glass of pomegranate juice

8:30pm – a bowl of boiled vegetables, chapathi/roti along with a palya

9pmNeer Majjige


No milk, no coffee, no tea, no sweets, no snacks, no chakli, no koDbaLe, well well NO LIFE

With rest of the family its chicken for breakfast, mutton for lunch & fish for dinner. Oh we also fit some prawns in between. Except Vatti who tries to have everything with a spoon & fails miserably.


P.S: What’s in ahara meLa this time huh?



26 Sep 2011

Bon anniversaire

& I am happy again; wasn’t I till now you might question. I was, can’t deny that, but this happiness is magical, not laughing hard sorts happiness, its that muguLu nage sorts happiness, that smile you steal when you are alone or even when there are tons of people around, for no reason, yeah that sort of happiness.

I am back to being myself again. That mental girl who was lost somewhere between 2008 till now, trying to change, adapt to people around, letting go her identity of psychic enthusiasm, yo she is back.

All thanks to Hassle-Free conversations!!! & this post had to be published today, on the date that has been part of the passwords these days, an ode to Edison; with the invention of light bulb he lighted everybody’s life, especially mine.


25 Sep 2011

When RED

Is when we stop. Yes, that's right, that's when we stop at the junction. But in those 120-180secs what do you do?

Do you just wait?
Do you talk with people whom you are with?
Do you buy things that they sell there? Earbuds, wiping cloth, flags et el?
Do you listen to music?
Do you raise your window pane when beggars ask money?

I look. Look, not stare. I look at passengers in the auto. I see couple in the car & see if they are waiting. I watch anxiety in the eyes of not helmet wearing two wheelers. I look, observe.

Thats what I do.
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23 Sep 2011

Lux Kya Scene Hai

Top 3 Bollywood situations that leads to (at least they think) getting laid.

In no particular order


  • Hero & Heroine together are washing car/bike, & out of blue heroine decides to throw water on the hero. Hero is all wet; he yells “array rukh tujhe dikha tha hoon (Huh? Hame bhi tho dikhao)” & chases the heroine who by now is indoors, actually bedroom. He gets her & start music (imagine Sharukh playing virtual piano in KKHH during rain sequence in summer camp) & tadaaa it happens
  • Heroine has dreadful cold & the couple is far away from the reach to doctors. She is shivering, & will die if there is no sufficient heat provided & our hero has no other go but to heat her, start music (high pitch drums banging) & tadaaaa it happens
  • Sharaab. This sure is only situation close to reality, but silly directors’ use as part of comedy phase of the movie. Take DDLJ for that matter, “Senorite, tum nashe mein thi aur mein bhi apne aap ko rokh nahi paaya, aur bas samkjo sab kuch hogaya”.


22 Sep 2011

Check & Checkmate

It’s been a while since this happened. When Kannada movies drained our energy levels to a very horrible extent, we found peace with Rangayana’s Checkmate. The tickets are priced 30 bucks, which according to me is very less. The amount of hard work that goes in coming up with such plays is not even 1% comparable to what the tickets are priced.

Checkmate is a Marathi play, later translated to Hindi & to Kannada by Dr. Thippeswamy. Its funny and equally sit-at-edge-of-your-seat sorts; 3 characters, Nachiketh, Nandini & Satyasheel Satya take you to an exciting journey of emotions for two and half hours. & I wasn’t tempted once to have a look at my phone while the play was on, which explains the amount of awesomeness of the act.

Of all the 3 characters, it was the inspector who stole the show. He is shabby, yet disciplined, he looks horrible still woos the audience, his way of modulating emotions, the way he sips whiskey I don’t mind watching it again coming Sunday just for him. Of course Pati would resent.

The play is running last show this Sunday at Bhoomigeetha, RangayaNa 6:30pm. Do watch it & fall in love with theatre and Satyasheel Satya.


15 Sep 2011

Challenging alla Chillare

Heights; today I saw on TV that some girl, handicapped, who is fasting for Darshan & his bail speak.


Media: Alla Drashan navru avar wife mele halle maadidaralla, still you want him to get bail and come out?

Stupid girl: Yen avru obrena hoDedirodhu? All men beat women ala?


WTF is wrong with these people? WTF is wrong with media? WTF is wrong with Nikitha? WTF is wrong with Ramya? WTF is wrong with Ambarish? WTF is wrong with Vijayalakshmi? WTF is wrong with Darshan?



Do you even have something called brains? Visiting a temple and performing homa for the welfare of the guy? & you pujari what the hell were you thinking while uttering paTa paTa manthra? These fools should be shot dead, from Darshan’s loaded gun only. & amma taayi who is fasting for the star, you are nothing but hore for your parents, & for the world.



The moment there is a story, you run. Run like how the dogs run in the midnight behind the vehicles. You chase, you re-run the 5 sec clip again and again and again. You circle the star, point with arrow and write in bold letters “It’s him”. Yes we all know how he looks like, but do you have to show him at that junction & say, this is how he looks after beating his wife? How I wish, instead of hitting wife, he hits you. Oh wait, the lawyers did hit you alla no? Serves right!



Yenamma, bandhya kelsa maadidhya, mathe vapas hogbeku. Leave your wife; leave your kid, idella beka ninge? & if you have the guts that you seriously have nothing with that guy, and then bloody come to Karnataka, call the media and tell the same. Stop taking calls, talking fake Kannada and then run to hospital quoting BP. Don’t you think you will get better wood than Sandalwood, & hotter man than challenging star? Why you being a cry baby?



Wah. You only speak Kannada, for such things no? Like when you are in pain or need votes. I agree that you were banned for wrong reason, I am sure everyone backed you with that injustice those producer losers did, but where were you when wife was beaten black & blue. Why didn’t you commit on the injustice. Actress ban andha takshna comment-aa? So only actresses are women? Wives of stars aren’t?



Oh men beating women is common? Son beating mother is common? Let’s see you produce a movie having scenes like that. Jana meTTu tagondu hoDitaare, arrey movie yella yaake, just touch your wife Sumalatha and check out if she is ok with it.



Nodu bad time start aadre hinge, it never seems to stop. SangoLLi Ranyanna hogi Jaillalli RamayaNa agoithu. If you have so much chaTa why the hell did you have to marry someone? It’s nothing but sahavaasa dosha, Ambi? Duniya Viji? & the best thing your mom did was to get all the property in the name of wife. Of all the things burning wife with cigarette, I mean seriously? Hitting with slippers? My ears bleed the moment I listen such stuff. This is not even domestic violence. Its wild violence. & after this entire episode if that lady has agreed to take back the complaint, then kudos to her. Wish it was “alle draw alle bahumaana” man.



The day I saw you, you were just married, young, tiny, phaLa phaLa & all that bride kaLe. When I met you in Dodappa’s house with Vineesh, you were nothing but sophisticated no-ego star’s wife. I don’t think anyone has the right to tell you about what you need to do. It is totally your life & yes only you have control on it. If you let go this time, ninge chippe gathi. You really should have stood by “ban Nikitha or I won’t take complaint vapas” decision. Even if he spares you, the fans won’t. They are nothing but cheap mass. Take Care


P.S: ayyo ayyo my favorite car is now anatha in Vijayanagar Police Station.






Mobile Blogging

Ah there I go, blogging from my new mobile. Samsung Galaxy I9003. Wooo Hoooo
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8 Sep 2011

Kaup Light House


The last time I and Pati were there they had no access to the Light House. This time we could go up the tall tower, Pati kept teasing me how I would freak out when I saw the world from that height; yeah I am damn scared of heights, so much that I refuse to look outside the window in my first flight. We went up, through the circular stairs, and finally a steep row of stairs had to be climbed to reach the place where they have the optical illuminant.


I was more excited to watch the sea from the top; Pati was holding my hand already. The moment we went out, the winds pushed us; it was one helluva of a wind. It was like that moment when Kate climbs on the edge of titanic and opens her arm, Jack asks her to trust him & feel the wind.


“I am flying Jack”, she says

Yeah that. I witnessed it, just that the kiss didn’t happen, too much crowd and my man is against PDA.


I could see the sea kissing a silver lined cloud, at the farthest end. It was blue all over, the waters and the sky, with a little difference in the color. I am sure any painter would love to put it on his canvas; I just captured that scene in the eye.  


I touched the light of the light house, wondering how many lives it has saved till date. If you are traveling along the highway, & its post 6:45pm, the revolving light is one of the best things you can witness, just make sure the driver watches the road and not the light. The man, who sat near the aperture, let me take the pics which otherwise is prohibited. He also explained how it works!


This goes into my “unforgettable location” list.