15 Sept 2011

Challenging alla Chillare

Heights; today I saw on TV that some girl, handicapped, who is fasting for Darshan & his bail speak.


Media: Alla Drashan navru avar wife mele halle maadidaralla, still you want him to get bail and come out?

Stupid girl: Yen avru obrena hoDedirodhu? All men beat women ala?


WTF is wrong with these people? WTF is wrong with media? WTF is wrong with Nikitha? WTF is wrong with Ramya? WTF is wrong with Ambarish? WTF is wrong with Vijayalakshmi? WTF is wrong with Darshan?



Do you even have something called brains? Visiting a temple and performing homa for the welfare of the guy? & you pujari what the hell were you thinking while uttering paTa paTa manthra? These fools should be shot dead, from Darshan’s loaded gun only. & amma taayi who is fasting for the star, you are nothing but hore for your parents, & for the world.



The moment there is a story, you run. Run like how the dogs run in the midnight behind the vehicles. You chase, you re-run the 5 sec clip again and again and again. You circle the star, point with arrow and write in bold letters “It’s him”. Yes we all know how he looks like, but do you have to show him at that junction & say, this is how he looks after beating his wife? How I wish, instead of hitting wife, he hits you. Oh wait, the lawyers did hit you alla no? Serves right!



Yenamma, bandhya kelsa maadidhya, mathe vapas hogbeku. Leave your wife; leave your kid, idella beka ninge? & if you have the guts that you seriously have nothing with that guy, and then bloody come to Karnataka, call the media and tell the same. Stop taking calls, talking fake Kannada and then run to hospital quoting BP. Don’t you think you will get better wood than Sandalwood, & hotter man than challenging star? Why you being a cry baby?



Wah. You only speak Kannada, for such things no? Like when you are in pain or need votes. I agree that you were banned for wrong reason, I am sure everyone backed you with that injustice those producer losers did, but where were you when wife was beaten black & blue. Why didn’t you commit on the injustice. Actress ban andha takshna comment-aa? So only actresses are women? Wives of stars aren’t?



Oh men beating women is common? Son beating mother is common? Let’s see you produce a movie having scenes like that. Jana meTTu tagondu hoDitaare, arrey movie yella yaake, just touch your wife Sumalatha and check out if she is ok with it.



Nodu bad time start aadre hinge, it never seems to stop. SangoLLi Ranyanna hogi Jaillalli RamayaNa agoithu. If you have so much chaTa why the hell did you have to marry someone? It’s nothing but sahavaasa dosha, Ambi? Duniya Viji? & the best thing your mom did was to get all the property in the name of wife. Of all the things burning wife with cigarette, I mean seriously? Hitting with slippers? My ears bleed the moment I listen such stuff. This is not even domestic violence. Its wild violence. & after this entire episode if that lady has agreed to take back the complaint, then kudos to her. Wish it was “alle draw alle bahumaana” man.



The day I saw you, you were just married, young, tiny, phaLa phaLa & all that bride kaLe. When I met you in Dodappa’s house with Vineesh, you were nothing but sophisticated no-ego star’s wife. I don’t think anyone has the right to tell you about what you need to do. It is totally your life & yes only you have control on it. If you let go this time, ninge chippe gathi. You really should have stood by “ban Nikitha or I won’t take complaint vapas” decision. Even if he spares you, the fans won’t. They are nothing but cheap mass. Take Care


P.S: ayyo ayyo my favorite car is now anatha in Vijayanagar Police Station.