28 Sept 2011

Dining Table Tales

You all should stop judging police. That they are pot bellied, drink, smoke, play cards and aren’t fit. That’s not the truth; that’s so not the truth. Have you seen my dad? He is fit like a boy in his teens & of course he doesn’t do any of those good habits. I even heard someone tell him, “Ni yentha Police, yav keTTa abyasanu illa, hogLi police bhashenu upyogsalla

Staying fit is probably his only motto in life. Oh wait, I forgot to mention, he is a veggie. Yeah you heard that right, veggie Gowda. I guess when I told the same Pati almost fainted. & for fitness his regime consists of 5kms run in the morning & 2kms in the evening.

Here is the diet *burrpppp* eh this mutton saaru, excuse me


7am – a glass of bottleguard juice + a bowl of papaya

8:30am – no rice item, no coconut oriented breakfast

11am – tender coconut

1pmmudhe + saaru, a bowl of rice & a dry vegetable palya

4pm – a glass of pomegranate juice

8:30pm – a bowl of boiled vegetables, chapathi/roti along with a palya

9pmNeer Majjige


No milk, no coffee, no tea, no sweets, no snacks, no chakli, no koDbaLe, well well NO LIFE

With rest of the family its chicken for breakfast, mutton for lunch & fish for dinner. Oh we also fit some prawns in between. Except Vatti who tries to have everything with a spoon & fails miserably.


P.S: What’s in ahara meLa this time huh?




ಗುರುರಾಜ said...

wah. Very well written.. like a self introspection.. Also even for a pure veggie like me, this regime seemed like a punishment..