8 Sept 2011

Kaup Light House


The last time I and Pati were there they had no access to the Light House. This time we could go up the tall tower, Pati kept teasing me how I would freak out when I saw the world from that height; yeah I am damn scared of heights, so much that I refuse to look outside the window in my first flight. We went up, through the circular stairs, and finally a steep row of stairs had to be climbed to reach the place where they have the optical illuminant.


I was more excited to watch the sea from the top; Pati was holding my hand already. The moment we went out, the winds pushed us; it was one helluva of a wind. It was like that moment when Kate climbs on the edge of titanic and opens her arm, Jack asks her to trust him & feel the wind.


“I am flying Jack”, she says

Yeah that. I witnessed it, just that the kiss didn’t happen, too much crowd and my man is against PDA.


I could see the sea kissing a silver lined cloud, at the farthest end. It was blue all over, the waters and the sky, with a little difference in the color. I am sure any painter would love to put it on his canvas; I just captured that scene in the eye.  


I touched the light of the light house, wondering how many lives it has saved till date. If you are traveling along the highway, & its post 6:45pm, the revolving light is one of the best things you can witness, just make sure the driver watches the road and not the light. The man, who sat near the aperture, let me take the pics which otherwise is prohibited. He also explained how it works!


This goes into my “unforgettable location” list.