23 Sept 2011

Lux Kya Scene Hai

Top 3 Bollywood situations that leads to (at least they think) getting laid.

In no particular order


  • Hero & Heroine together are washing car/bike, & out of blue heroine decides to throw water on the hero. Hero is all wet; he yells “array rukh tujhe dikha tha hoon (Huh? Hame bhi tho dikhao)” & chases the heroine who by now is indoors, actually bedroom. He gets her & start music (imagine Sharukh playing virtual piano in KKHH during rain sequence in summer camp) & tadaaa it happens
  • Heroine has dreadful cold & the couple is far away from the reach to doctors. She is shivering, & will die if there is no sufficient heat provided & our hero has no other go but to heat her, start music (high pitch drums banging) & tadaaaa it happens
  • Sharaab. This sure is only situation close to reality, but silly directors’ use as part of comedy phase of the movie. Take DDLJ for that matter, “Senorite, tum nashe mein thi aur mein bhi apne aap ko rokh nahi paaya, aur bas samkjo sab kuch hogaya”.