26 Oct 2011

One Fire, Different Flames.

Extracts from someone’s diary

I think I was 2 when it caught my eyes. It was bright & moving left & right. Mom was making too many of them, all placed in the tray. I tried going near & dad pulled me back, he was yelling at the top of his voice. I hardly understood elders those days; it was just the orientation of the voice. If they sounded soft, meant they were being mushy, if they sounded loud, it meant I wasn’t supposed to do whatever I tried few seconds back! Ya, so that was the first time I saw that thing.

Next time I saw it I could recognize its color, it was yellow, and I was 4 then. Also understood that I wasn’t supposed to go near it; Benki, was its name.

Few years later, while I watched neighboring kids burst crackers I realized mom wasn’t around. What was around were the deepas, brightly lit. I observed it for sometime; I loved the way it danced, with the wind, I’d seen dad hold his hands around it while ma lighted. I did the same. The dancing stopped & I was happy.

I was bursting crackers the next year, all grown up & proud of holding a “plain-not-chaT-chaT-sursurbathi”. That was also the year when I tried touching it. Like how curiosity killed the cat, it burnt my finger. I was glad though, no homework for 2 weeks.

Few years passed, & I was careful while handling it. One particular year, was I 10, not too sure, I decided I have to touch it & also not burn myself. I asked this younger cousin of mine, he wasn’t too sure; we tried the “taking-mangaLarti” style, didn’t burn but also didn’t touch. That’s when the adventurer within me awoke; I swiped my forefinger through the flame, as fast as I could. Nothing happened. I became my cousin’s hero that day.

Years passed & I was assigned with the task to light them. That also when I told my aunt not to waste match sticks, light a deepa & use it to light rest.

Few more years later they married me off. You are lakshmi of the house, light the deepa, our house & our lives too, told MIL. I giggled with the thought of lighting the house, I mean setting house on fire.  

A year later, phone rang at midnight. Your husband is no more, told the caller. 24hours later, I saw benki engulf him. He did not move, & the fire hovered. 5 minutes & it was over.

100s of deepas in the front yard meant celebration, just one meant sorrow. I gazed at the deepa again, it was not just yellow, and that was just the edges, bright red in the middle & slowly the color faded.

You took away our son, echoed around the house since then. MIL managed to tell everyone who came by, even the maid. Unlucky was what they called me. Next I knew I was poured kerosene, one flick & boom.


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24 Oct 2011

Of sperms & eggs

I wanted to title this post as “Of Parenting” but then why not give credit to the ones that actually change the status of a couple, to parents, so “Of sperms & eggs”

There are n number of books on “Parenting” in the market, buying them & reading them doesn’t make you a good parent. These books are more like “salt to taste”, “add chilly according to your taste buds” recipes. It’s a gamble, you get them right first time, sometimes not, you learn every day, right from the tricks to treats, & as Aamir Khan says “every child is different”.

We have a pediatrician in the house who counsels adolescent kids, mostly the ones who are entering teens. According to him, more than the kids the parents need counseling. Being an eye witness & victim of an incident yesterday, I am now sure it’s true.

According to what I saw, Parents these days cannot stand their kids cry, the moment their child lets out a tear they go to any extent & fix it. What they do not fix is asking the child to shut up & stop the tears. Over the years, life is going to throw all sorts of stones at them, should they sit & cry on that? Instilling confidence is the first lesson you teach your kid. You don’t need a book to teach that isn’t it?

Life is not about getting married & having a kid before people start bombarding questions, but it’s about knowing that for the rest of your life, every good & decision your child makes, you are directly responsible for that. By the way you raised them, by the way you behaved with them, and by the way you taught them how to solve a problem. I have committed smallest mistakes to biggest blunders in life, & yes my parents are accountable to why I did that. & that is the same accountability I will be giving my kid, whenever that happens. The day I realize I can handle that, is when I decide to fertilize the egg. Period!

Anyways, serious stuff apart, today it’s all about parents, wishing new parents in town guRU & theJU, all the best on their 4kg bundle of joy, their signature i.e. “Ru-Ju” arrived today. More after meeting her.   


21 Oct 2011

Happiness is......

  • Myself, music & walk in the misty mornings
  • Giving 2secs missed calls to mom mostly when she is cleaning
  • Random thoughts and creativity pop-ups
  • Noodles, funny sitcom & not-studying sister
  • Not on phone & at home dad
  • New dishes & never-complaining Pati
  • Talks about e-family with K-swamy
  • Boti palya on mahalaya amavasya
  • Grandpa wishing “huttu habbadha shubhashayagaLu”, yes in Kannada on the B’day.

That’s 9 items on the list, & I don’t even believe on that number, anything? anything? Oh wait..

P.S: How can I forget, Me, You, Rides & Latitude

18 Oct 2011

How it all started

Hmm so you celebrate your birthday every year aa? All happy happy khush khushi-li, distributing chocolates, wearing new dress, blowing candles, cutting cakes, visiting temples, throwing parties & what not; good. But have you ever thought the origin of all this?
Ayyo ayyo not the intercourse part, but the fact about what was the main reason you got out of your mom? Yes we are discussing about pain, “its-time-for-the-baby-to-pop-out-pain”.  
While sister grumbled on various instances, she went on night shift just to witness a delivery & no preggie ladies got the pain, mom started her story. “When I was pregnant with you”, she looked in my eyes.
“Eh what did you do as soon as the water broke?” I asked.
Being the typical Monica of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, having cleanliness OCD, first thing she did was take a hot bath it seems. WTH, myself & sis exclaimed.
“Doctors actually advise to pour hot water on tummy, so I thought you never know the kind of water they have in the hospital, sterilized or not. So why not take bath”
See. My mother is such a psycho. There I was, wanting to come out of her belly, see the world, bless everyone with my presence & all she thought was having bath. I guess that’s when I decided, I should seldom have bath.
Then, what happened, sis asked.
“Myself & your grandma, we walked all the way to hospital” she said.
Kindly do not give an OMG, 9 month in pain lady walks to hospital aa, what was the father doing look. It’s just that our house was hardly 500mts from hospital, so it’s obvious that she walked.
& then the doctor gave her fast-pain inducing injections every hour starting from 7pm till 11pm. I am sure I was still pissed off with bath issue that I refused to bulge out. I must have decided “ee vomma is mad only, if I am out wonder how many times she will give me bath” anta. By then the clock stroked 12, date was 30/03, being a palindrome obsessed, and I was out.
Normal delivery is like punarjanma to women, mom sighed. Sis agreed. She even told about two deaths she saw during the delivery time. While we are discussing this, the lovely TT is waiting for the pain, it’s been quite some time, poor soul, that kiddo is sure testing her patience. I wanted to suggest what happens when Rachel doesn’t get the pain, but considering the amount of tube light she is, gave it a pass.
I think I’ll just adopt a kid.

14 Oct 2011

That moment

He looked in her eyes, for the first time. She didn't. 
"Look at me jaan", he said.
She giggled. 
"Nope, its too weird", she continued giggling. 

"You are just scared"
"Of what? Excuse me, I am not"
"Then why? Look at my eyes"
"OK fella. Bring it on"

The Who-blinks-eyelid-first-battle started.
& somewhere in between the fight, it happened.

"that moment"

13 Oct 2011

Food: Kerala Lime Tea

If you are a foodie, this should be your bible, post-meals. It digests food instantly, the right amount of sweetness & sourness is the key, also makes room for that dessert you skipped coz you were full.
In simple words, you could be Joey of Thanksgiving where he eats an entire turkey. If you have a glass of Kerala Lime Tea, that is.

This is what you’ll need for 2 people

Water – 2 glasses
Sugar – 3 table spoons
Lemon extract – 1 table spoon
Tea powder – ½ table spoon

This is how you make it

Boil water & sugar, the longer the better.
When boil starts to thicken, add tea powder & switch off stove. The tea powder is just for the color & a slight texture.
Add lemon & sieve.

Well, you could serve or drink on your own. Yes both the glasses that you made, thank you!

11 Oct 2011

Mother India - Bharathi



47years huh??


Of being a naughty daughter during childhood & supportive daughter when grandma/grandpa lost their son.

Of being a happy sister, throwing akshathe during bro’s engagement & putting akki kaaLu during bro’s death.

Of being a lovey-dovey girl friend of a young hot-tempered guy since childhood, taking care of still hot-tempered man during mid-life crisis and raising two lovely daughters with still hot-tempered husband.

Of being a mom of two totally weird souls, both different physically/emotionally/psychologically & balancing between biased accusations.

Of being amma to no-talks-always-shy-aLiya and now non-stop-chit-chats aLiya.

Of being a responsible elder daughter in law of a still-together family of 25

Of being mentor, guide, agony aunt to everyone inside & outside the household.

Of being news feeder to all the no access to live news people

Of being a humble mistress to all the maids in the house


You have done it all. It isn’t that easy, not easy at all.


It is that enthusiasm. That urge to know everything that’s happening around. You make sure you seek interest in all our interests, so that you are always in conversation.

It is that diplomacy. That ability to solve conflicts between people. You make sure everyone around is at peace.

It is that patience. That ability to handle dad with ease. Everyone who knows dad will definitely agree without any doubt.

All the above are what you we all adore you for Bharu.


You must be wondering what I am not addressing you as “miiii”. That’s because this letter is about what an amazing person you are irrespective of being my mother.


Happy Birthday from all of us whose lives you have touched.

Always stay the same, same as Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


P.S: Yes, soon.




7 Oct 2011

Film: Paramaathma

Two pre-conditions before you go to watch “Paramaathma”

Puneeth is not Ganesh is not Diganth

Paramaathma Yograj is not Pancharangi Yograj is not MungaaruMale Yograj

OK you are good now, you can go. Except if you want to hear my review.

Time & again I have realized one thing about hyped movies. They just fail. Fail & how, miserably. What I have also realized is I never give up hope. That one day a much hyped movie will make it, to the blockbuster category.


The Story


1.      Puneeth is “Parama.k.a “Teddy” a.k.aKaraDi” who fails M.Sc 5 times (not sure why), who climbed graphical Everest & planted a flag (not sure why), then went to Bombay made friends with yeLneeru guy who gave him tips so he makes money (not sure why), then becomes fat, someone asked him to learn Kung-Fu so he goes to China to learn (not sure why), then gets philosophical goes to Nepal, asks “yeh life kaiku?”, they give him one bidhirina dabba attached with enema tube sorts something, allaDisu & this is your answer they say, he does many times & we hear rumbling sound (not sure why errr also what) who is now telling story to “Paseena Paseenaa.k.a Aindritha Roy which she already knows.

2.      In the story, entry AnathNag, who is a cardiologist who checks whether his son Param’s heart is the same since he was born? Yes magane, yes, he yells most of the times having a squirrel in his hand (not sure why)

3.      Param has 5 more dubaaku friends who just help in his dialogue delivery; oh they have dubaaku names also like “muthaidhe”, “kaDlebeLe” array bere I forgot.

4.      Param meets Deepa in a movie theatre; both of them fall asleep while the movie is on, just like Pati did while Paramaathma was going on. Bomb scare, friends almost pinch Param but he doesn’t wake up (not sure why), but when called on his cell phone he wakes, he is running out & sees Deepa sleeping, wakes her & says “Bomb”, she starts running in opposite direction of the exit (not sure why), her leg gets struck to one chair, Param cant leave onTi girl so breaks chair & now she cant run, so lifts her & gets her out. Media calls them “PremigaLu

5.      Avinash a.k.a Deepa’s dad is unhappy. Her 7 instruments barsing daughter’s maana is harajed. Param & his dad also aren’t happy so they go visit Deepa’s house, ask sorry, she is building one model house which Param gets home along with her visiting card.

6.      Param calls “Thithi VaDea.k.a Deepa everyday & she cancels “Nusi PeeDea.k.a Param’s call everyday (not sure, hello I know this, Love start adke)

7.      One fine day, Param clicks Deepa’s picture during her concert & she gets distracted, & her dad smacks her, sends her off to haLLi (not sure why)

8.      Param follows her, sings one song in the journey and reaches her home even before she does (not sure how) Oh also kisses her in random on her cheeks

9.      Start Deepa uncontrollable laughter (not sure why) to such an extent that it gets on audiences nerves.

10.  He kisses her again, sleeps on her lap, she assumes he is asleep, kisses him on his cheeks whole night, run some mud race with she biting him(not sure why), then elders agree & they are ready to get married

11.  Entry Paseena Paseena, karaDi song, I want you I want you scenes, He saying No You cant No You cant scenes, she crying & leaving Param. Deepa watching & saying “you can hurt her means you can hurt me also, go I don’t want you” scenes

12.  Param coming home & starts building home that she built as model, meanwhile Deepa comes back after viraha & marriage happens. Then start Param laughing uncontrollably (not sure why)

13.  Baby happens (not sure, array marriage ke baad what else will happen) & baby calls appa first, they are happy again, they sleep with baby on tree house, then Deepa dies. Too much happiness will lead to heart attack says cardiologist.

14.  Paseena Paseena is wiping tears now after story over, she is marrying someone else, Param is taking care of baby.


The End.

Why is this movie so bad? Yavanig Gothuuuuuuuuu.


4 Oct 2011

Yuwaaaaaah Dasara 2011

One of those back home early, what to do situations yesterday & we decided why not witness “Yuva Dasara 2011”. It was Udit Narayan who was performing & Pati didn’t even know how he looked. I told him “looks doesn’t matter, it’s his uncle voice that’s famous. MTV Subbulakshmi ge & Kunidhu Kunidhu bare gothilwa. Let’s go” & we went.

By the time we reached the venue, it was full. Thanks to mom & sis & their two kerchiefs, we had chairs. The MCs were yelling at the top of their voice, I guess they forgot the whole functionality of the mikes. That’s when I started missing cotton; my ears shouted “Pain Pain”.

Just when I comforted my ear, my nose started the trouble. There was booze all around. It was the samithi guys, they were totally drunk. There is no point in having security checks at the entrances, they could have alcoholmeter instead. Next to mom sat a paDDe huDga, who got excited every time lights blinked, music started, MCs spoke, participants dances, well basically he never sat still, got up & danced like a maniac, he wanted the camera to focus him, he even made calls to someone complaining he wasn’t being focused. Mom sat at the edge of her chair, not excited but he was dancing like a weirdo. This happened at the second row mind you, the VVIP stand. I wonder how these porkis get access to such passes.

The dances happened. Only act that was mesmerizing was a number from SDM MMK College, they performed Ramayana with utmost grace. Rest, not worth discussing!!! Apparently all the dance programs were done & it was 8:00pm, no trace of Udit Narayan. These MCs had no script for fillers, I am sure they didn’t even know what filler was. Then they started to keep the audience at bay by singing songs, & mental audience danced even at MCs songs.

& then came the troop, they were supposed to be best musicians from Delhi. They just did one thing, killed music. If Gurukiran heard the song, he would have taken one MCs dupatta & hanged himself. They were that bad. It was 8:35pm & one Radio Jockey from Rainbow started the show with “Mysoruuuuuuu hegide?” The monitors displayed “Do You Rock”, sis said “No I roll you idiots. The songs are making my tears roll”.

She wore noodle strap salwar, & the bayyys were least bothered what she spoke. Then started the show at 8L45pm, with some random singer who sang “Neele Neele ambar”, he was good. Better than Udit, anytime. Then there was some SaReGaMaPa Rokthima girl. It was 9pm & still no sign was Udit.

Then started “PaPa Kehthe Hai”, Udit was out but wasn’t singing. Loser was lip syncing. & for the rest of the songs that he sang, whichever involved taking a high pitch, he never sang. Like it wasn’t “Jadoooooo teri Nazar Khushbooooo tera badan” but it was “Jadu teri nazar Khushbu tera badan”. Get the point?

Well Well the worst was yet to come. After a few hindi songs, the crowd strated yelling Kannada Kannada & he sang “MTV Subbulakshmi ge”. Even the porki who was still dancing would have sung that much better. Isn’t that obvious when he is performing in Karnataka, he has to rehearse the song at least once. The music was bad, so was his pronunciation and the raaaga. Then came the shocker, “Kunidhu Kunidhu Baare”, it kole. Kannada dha kole. I have seen Kunal Ganjawaala’s show, Hariharan’s show, Shreya Goshal’s show, none this bad. Everyone had done their homework with few Kannada songs that they planned to sing. They are just wasting money, our money.

Get Vijay Prakash, Get Raghu Dixit, Get M.D.Pallavi, better still get the budding singers, audience don’t need big stars, they just need entertainment, & they are Kannadigas, they will embrace any form of talent, even if its low profile.