7 Oct 2011

Film: Paramaathma

Two pre-conditions before you go to watch “Paramaathma”

Puneeth is not Ganesh is not Diganth

Paramaathma Yograj is not Pancharangi Yograj is not MungaaruMale Yograj

OK you are good now, you can go. Except if you want to hear my review.

Time & again I have realized one thing about hyped movies. They just fail. Fail & how, miserably. What I have also realized is I never give up hope. That one day a much hyped movie will make it, to the blockbuster category.


The Story


1.      Puneeth is “Parama.k.a “Teddy” a.k.aKaraDi” who fails M.Sc 5 times (not sure why), who climbed graphical Everest & planted a flag (not sure why), then went to Bombay made friends with yeLneeru guy who gave him tips so he makes money (not sure why), then becomes fat, someone asked him to learn Kung-Fu so he goes to China to learn (not sure why), then gets philosophical goes to Nepal, asks “yeh life kaiku?”, they give him one bidhirina dabba attached with enema tube sorts something, allaDisu & this is your answer they say, he does many times & we hear rumbling sound (not sure why errr also what) who is now telling story to “Paseena Paseenaa.k.a Aindritha Roy which she already knows.

2.      In the story, entry AnathNag, who is a cardiologist who checks whether his son Param’s heart is the same since he was born? Yes magane, yes, he yells most of the times having a squirrel in his hand (not sure why)

3.      Param has 5 more dubaaku friends who just help in his dialogue delivery; oh they have dubaaku names also like “muthaidhe”, “kaDlebeLe” array bere I forgot.

4.      Param meets Deepa in a movie theatre; both of them fall asleep while the movie is on, just like Pati did while Paramaathma was going on. Bomb scare, friends almost pinch Param but he doesn’t wake up (not sure why), but when called on his cell phone he wakes, he is running out & sees Deepa sleeping, wakes her & says “Bomb”, she starts running in opposite direction of the exit (not sure why), her leg gets struck to one chair, Param cant leave onTi girl so breaks chair & now she cant run, so lifts her & gets her out. Media calls them “PremigaLu

5.      Avinash a.k.a Deepa’s dad is unhappy. Her 7 instruments barsing daughter’s maana is harajed. Param & his dad also aren’t happy so they go visit Deepa’s house, ask sorry, she is building one model house which Param gets home along with her visiting card.

6.      Param calls “Thithi VaDea.k.a Deepa everyday & she cancels “Nusi PeeDea.k.a Param’s call everyday (not sure, hello I know this, Love start adke)

7.      One fine day, Param clicks Deepa’s picture during her concert & she gets distracted, & her dad smacks her, sends her off to haLLi (not sure why)

8.      Param follows her, sings one song in the journey and reaches her home even before she does (not sure how) Oh also kisses her in random on her cheeks

9.      Start Deepa uncontrollable laughter (not sure why) to such an extent that it gets on audiences nerves.

10.  He kisses her again, sleeps on her lap, she assumes he is asleep, kisses him on his cheeks whole night, run some mud race with she biting him(not sure why), then elders agree & they are ready to get married

11.  Entry Paseena Paseena, karaDi song, I want you I want you scenes, He saying No You cant No You cant scenes, she crying & leaving Param. Deepa watching & saying “you can hurt her means you can hurt me also, go I don’t want you” scenes

12.  Param coming home & starts building home that she built as model, meanwhile Deepa comes back after viraha & marriage happens. Then start Param laughing uncontrollably (not sure why)

13.  Baby happens (not sure, array marriage ke baad what else will happen) & baby calls appa first, they are happy again, they sleep with baby on tree house, then Deepa dies. Too much happiness will lead to heart attack says cardiologist.

14.  Paseena Paseena is wiping tears now after story over, she is marrying someone else, Param is taking care of baby.


The End.

Why is this movie so bad? Yavanig Gothuuuuuuuuu.



Prasanna K P said...

fantastic review Kavya :)Even I have so many 'Why's but somehow the movie stays in ur mind the whole day after coming out..

kusublakki said...

Was looking forward to watching this one. After reading your review, not sure anymore!