13 Oct 2011

Food: Kerala Lime Tea

If you are a foodie, this should be your bible, post-meals. It digests food instantly, the right amount of sweetness & sourness is the key, also makes room for that dessert you skipped coz you were full.
In simple words, you could be Joey of Thanksgiving where he eats an entire turkey. If you have a glass of Kerala Lime Tea, that is.

This is what you’ll need for 2 people

Water – 2 glasses
Sugar – 3 table spoons
Lemon extract – 1 table spoon
Tea powder – ½ table spoon

This is how you make it

Boil water & sugar, the longer the better.
When boil starts to thicken, add tea powder & switch off stove. The tea powder is just for the color & a slight texture.
Add lemon & sieve.

Well, you could serve or drink on your own. Yes both the glasses that you made, thank you!