21 Oct 2011

Happiness is......

  • Myself, music & walk in the misty mornings
  • Giving 2secs missed calls to mom mostly when she is cleaning
  • Random thoughts and creativity pop-ups
  • Noodles, funny sitcom & not-studying sister
  • Not on phone & at home dad
  • New dishes & never-complaining Pati
  • Talks about e-family with K-swamy
  • Boti palya on mahalaya amavasya
  • Grandpa wishing “huttu habbadha shubhashayagaLu”, yes in Kannada on the B’day.

That’s 9 items on the list, & I don’t even believe on that number, anything? anything? Oh wait..

P.S: How can I forget, Me, You, Rides & Latitude