18 Oct 2011

How it all started

Hmm so you celebrate your birthday every year aa? All happy happy khush khushi-li, distributing chocolates, wearing new dress, blowing candles, cutting cakes, visiting temples, throwing parties & what not; good. But have you ever thought the origin of all this?
Ayyo ayyo not the intercourse part, but the fact about what was the main reason you got out of your mom? Yes we are discussing about pain, “its-time-for-the-baby-to-pop-out-pain”.  
While sister grumbled on various instances, she went on night shift just to witness a delivery & no preggie ladies got the pain, mom started her story. “When I was pregnant with you”, she looked in my eyes.
“Eh what did you do as soon as the water broke?” I asked.
Being the typical Monica of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, having cleanliness OCD, first thing she did was take a hot bath it seems. WTH, myself & sis exclaimed.
“Doctors actually advise to pour hot water on tummy, so I thought you never know the kind of water they have in the hospital, sterilized or not. So why not take bath”
See. My mother is such a psycho. There I was, wanting to come out of her belly, see the world, bless everyone with my presence & all she thought was having bath. I guess that’s when I decided, I should seldom have bath.
Then, what happened, sis asked.
“Myself & your grandma, we walked all the way to hospital” she said.
Kindly do not give an OMG, 9 month in pain lady walks to hospital aa, what was the father doing look. It’s just that our house was hardly 500mts from hospital, so it’s obvious that she walked.
& then the doctor gave her fast-pain inducing injections every hour starting from 7pm till 11pm. I am sure I was still pissed off with bath issue that I refused to bulge out. I must have decided “ee vomma is mad only, if I am out wonder how many times she will give me bath” anta. By then the clock stroked 12, date was 30/03, being a palindrome obsessed, and I was out.
Normal delivery is like punarjanma to women, mom sighed. Sis agreed. She even told about two deaths she saw during the delivery time. While we are discussing this, the lovely TT is waiting for the pain, it’s been quite some time, poor soul, that kiddo is sure testing her patience. I wanted to suggest what happens when Rachel doesn’t get the pain, but considering the amount of tube light she is, gave it a pass.
I think I’ll just adopt a kid.