11 Oct 2011

Mother India - Bharathi



47years huh??


Of being a naughty daughter during childhood & supportive daughter when grandma/grandpa lost their son.

Of being a happy sister, throwing akshathe during bro’s engagement & putting akki kaaLu during bro’s death.

Of being a lovey-dovey girl friend of a young hot-tempered guy since childhood, taking care of still hot-tempered man during mid-life crisis and raising two lovely daughters with still hot-tempered husband.

Of being a mom of two totally weird souls, both different physically/emotionally/psychologically & balancing between biased accusations.

Of being amma to no-talks-always-shy-aLiya and now non-stop-chit-chats aLiya.

Of being a responsible elder daughter in law of a still-together family of 25

Of being mentor, guide, agony aunt to everyone inside & outside the household.

Of being news feeder to all the no access to live news people

Of being a humble mistress to all the maids in the house


You have done it all. It isn’t that easy, not easy at all.


It is that enthusiasm. That urge to know everything that’s happening around. You make sure you seek interest in all our interests, so that you are always in conversation.

It is that diplomacy. That ability to solve conflicts between people. You make sure everyone around is at peace.

It is that patience. That ability to handle dad with ease. Everyone who knows dad will definitely agree without any doubt.

All the above are what you we all adore you for Bharu.


You must be wondering what I am not addressing you as “miiii”. That’s because this letter is about what an amazing person you are irrespective of being my mother.


Happy Birthday from all of us whose lives you have touched.

Always stay the same, same as Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


P.S: Yes, soon.