24 Oct 2011

Of sperms & eggs

I wanted to title this post as “Of Parenting” but then why not give credit to the ones that actually change the status of a couple, to parents, so “Of sperms & eggs”

There are n number of books on “Parenting” in the market, buying them & reading them doesn’t make you a good parent. These books are more like “salt to taste”, “add chilly according to your taste buds” recipes. It’s a gamble, you get them right first time, sometimes not, you learn every day, right from the tricks to treats, & as Aamir Khan says “every child is different”.

We have a pediatrician in the house who counsels adolescent kids, mostly the ones who are entering teens. According to him, more than the kids the parents need counseling. Being an eye witness & victim of an incident yesterday, I am now sure it’s true.

According to what I saw, Parents these days cannot stand their kids cry, the moment their child lets out a tear they go to any extent & fix it. What they do not fix is asking the child to shut up & stop the tears. Over the years, life is going to throw all sorts of stones at them, should they sit & cry on that? Instilling confidence is the first lesson you teach your kid. You don’t need a book to teach that isn’t it?

Life is not about getting married & having a kid before people start bombarding questions, but it’s about knowing that for the rest of your life, every good & decision your child makes, you are directly responsible for that. By the way you raised them, by the way you behaved with them, and by the way you taught them how to solve a problem. I have committed smallest mistakes to biggest blunders in life, & yes my parents are accountable to why I did that. & that is the same accountability I will be giving my kid, whenever that happens. The day I realize I can handle that, is when I decide to fertilize the egg. Period!

Anyways, serious stuff apart, today it’s all about parents, wishing new parents in town guRU & theJU, all the best on their 4kg bundle of joy, their signature i.e. “Ru-Ju” arrived today. More after meeting her.   



Roshan said...

nice writing ..