4 Oct 2011

Yuwaaaaaah Dasara 2011

One of those back home early, what to do situations yesterday & we decided why not witness “Yuva Dasara 2011”. It was Udit Narayan who was performing & Pati didn’t even know how he looked. I told him “looks doesn’t matter, it’s his uncle voice that’s famous. MTV Subbulakshmi ge & Kunidhu Kunidhu bare gothilwa. Let’s go” & we went.

By the time we reached the venue, it was full. Thanks to mom & sis & their two kerchiefs, we had chairs. The MCs were yelling at the top of their voice, I guess they forgot the whole functionality of the mikes. That’s when I started missing cotton; my ears shouted “Pain Pain”.

Just when I comforted my ear, my nose started the trouble. There was booze all around. It was the samithi guys, they were totally drunk. There is no point in having security checks at the entrances, they could have alcoholmeter instead. Next to mom sat a paDDe huDga, who got excited every time lights blinked, music started, MCs spoke, participants dances, well basically he never sat still, got up & danced like a maniac, he wanted the camera to focus him, he even made calls to someone complaining he wasn’t being focused. Mom sat at the edge of her chair, not excited but he was dancing like a weirdo. This happened at the second row mind you, the VVIP stand. I wonder how these porkis get access to such passes.

The dances happened. Only act that was mesmerizing was a number from SDM MMK College, they performed Ramayana with utmost grace. Rest, not worth discussing!!! Apparently all the dance programs were done & it was 8:00pm, no trace of Udit Narayan. These MCs had no script for fillers, I am sure they didn’t even know what filler was. Then they started to keep the audience at bay by singing songs, & mental audience danced even at MCs songs.

& then came the troop, they were supposed to be best musicians from Delhi. They just did one thing, killed music. If Gurukiran heard the song, he would have taken one MCs dupatta & hanged himself. They were that bad. It was 8:35pm & one Radio Jockey from Rainbow started the show with “Mysoruuuuuuu hegide?” The monitors displayed “Do You Rock”, sis said “No I roll you idiots. The songs are making my tears roll”.

She wore noodle strap salwar, & the bayyys were least bothered what she spoke. Then started the show at 8L45pm, with some random singer who sang “Neele Neele ambar”, he was good. Better than Udit, anytime. Then there was some SaReGaMaPa Rokthima girl. It was 9pm & still no sign was Udit.

Then started “PaPa Kehthe Hai”, Udit was out but wasn’t singing. Loser was lip syncing. & for the rest of the songs that he sang, whichever involved taking a high pitch, he never sang. Like it wasn’t “Jadoooooo teri Nazar Khushbooooo tera badan” but it was “Jadu teri nazar Khushbu tera badan”. Get the point?

Well Well the worst was yet to come. After a few hindi songs, the crowd strated yelling Kannada Kannada & he sang “MTV Subbulakshmi ge”. Even the porki who was still dancing would have sung that much better. Isn’t that obvious when he is performing in Karnataka, he has to rehearse the song at least once. The music was bad, so was his pronunciation and the raaaga. Then came the shocker, “Kunidhu Kunidhu Baare”, it kole. Kannada dha kole. I have seen Kunal Ganjawaala’s show, Hariharan’s show, Shreya Goshal’s show, none this bad. Everyone had done their homework with few Kannada songs that they planned to sing. They are just wasting money, our money.

Get Vijay Prakash, Get Raghu Dixit, Get M.D.Pallavi, better still get the budding singers, audience don’t need big stars, they just need entertainment, & they are Kannadigas, they will embrace any form of talent, even if its low profile.



Roshan said...

super post kavya...how did you manage to get VVVVIP pass? :D

Sue said...

I was looking for responses to this year's performances for an article. Your post has left me giggling now. :)

Kaavya said...

Why do I feel that you were the noodle strap wearing MC with the troop? :)