16 Nov 2011


IT’S A GIRL!!!!!! :- )))))  - tweeted Abhishek. & thus started the paparazzi!!

Of the tiny soul, that doesn’t even know what lies ahead of it. It’s not even few hours old & has already been fed err force fed its share of love & hatred, both in equal quantities.

Information is wealth, yeah, but Indians need too much information. It’s a baby girl you tell, they wont congratulate you instead as “How many kgs”, “Delivery was normal or C-section” yada yada. For all these years this is what their expectations were, & hence media, maniac media was born. They wouldn’t mind climbing trees, hitting people, creating a stampede to get visuals & footage, just to claim they showed it first err on TV. Exclusive is the new mantra.

Ever since this revolution happened, people are force fed with news, & now they don’t like it (at least people I know with); they crib on how channels are funny on breaking news.

I say, everyone is in a state of confusion, no one actually knows what they want. When we get less we thrive for more, when we get more we vomit.

P.P.S: Wishing the mother, best of motherhood & father, err sleepless nights.

P.S: Hello mr.ACP (not my dad) yes I know you are a proud Indian, so am I! This is just a write-up :- )