3 Nov 2011

Being Angry cannot wait

Hello world,

I am back from a refreshing speedy holiday. Witnessing M.Sc race live was the highlight & of course the only reason I was at the debut Indian GP, detailed report on it later.

Before that need to put what happened on our flight back home; there was a guy next to me, dressed all corporate, and looking damn restless. The seat-belt sign & no use of electronic appliances were still on. & the moment air-hostess announced it can be used, he hurried, took his laptop from the cabin, switched on.

Otherwise am a non-intrusive person, I am the one who keeps mom & Pati’s comments of people at bay, but this guy’s impatience made me curious. I wanted to know what on world couldn’t wait for 15mins.

So the laptop was on, & you know what he did? Started playing “Angry Birds”!!! what is this world coming to bhawaan?