11 Nov 2011

College - Work - Marriage - Kids - Life

Just few years ago the discussions in friends circle was “Oh yel kelsa maadtidhya?”, “How is the pay?”, “Onsite opportunities idhya”.  & these days it’s just “Its baby girl” “How many kgs talks” . I obviously can’t say “Yeh sab kaise hua patha hi nahi chala”, coz its science, its nature, I know, even you should know. 

So after TT, Komi has become a mom, to a lovely baby girl.
New gen chicks have arrived.

I am already dreaming about attending these kiddo’s marriages. *wipes tears*
For further blogpost references the kiddos will be names, “Ruju” (TT’s) & “PunKo” (Komi’s)

I hear that Ruju wakes up whenever I call TT (excuse me, TT knows that cell phone should be in silent mode, that’s not the point). Even when the phone rings in the silent mode, she wakes up. We see a bondage here already.

Oh the boys in the gang are little lagging behind, (yeah blame the government for keeping marriage age of boys a little higher). Both the Ganeshas have let go their bhramacharya & are engaged. One is getting married in Dec & the other in March. Yes your congratulations will be delivered, gifts would have been better.

In other IMPORTANT news, myself & Dummu are visiting the mothers, clicking photos of the kiddos, are publishing to everyone. This is by far the closest we got in terms of “Jana Seve”. I see that no one who saw the pic even made an attempt to say “thanks for the pics”, they are just busy “awwwwww’ing”

P.S: Dummu I am so tempted to write about *that*


Anil Alur said...

I think the bonding is with SGK n microwaves, not u.remember abhimanyu? Its just that sgk is much stronger than real krishna :)
What kinda names r those? Kids will hate u!