23 Nov 2011

Why this Kolahala?

It’s a racist song. Yes that “white & back” song. That so called soup song; these tamizh guys keep bluffing about their language, how it is rich, BodhiDharman did that & this, yet they came up with soup song-aa? Why? Don’t they know its part of North Indian thaali?

OK agreed, some random guy wrote the lyrics as soon as Aishwarys (as Big B wrote Rajnikanth’s daughter) said that this song has to be fun-filled in ten minutes, & Dhanush in full feeling sang, why deliberately reveal it? & then claim, ashooo that was accidentally stolen & leaked. You have no confidence in your tune & lyrics & singer?

& all this million hits are total tricks. Post recording, & fake leaking the song, the daughter-aLiya duo went home & checked the views. Zero. Dhanush became sad & Rajni had to pitch in, his one click is equal to whatever hits on the page now *insert some na oru time something-something dialogue*

You so called we-wont-talk-in-other-languages-other-than-Kannada-in-November people, shame on you. Why are you listening, re-listening, downloading, and sending others via email, Bluetooth? Just flag hoisting is your Kannada prema is it? How much more baTTehari on this song huh? KannaDambe will never forgive you.

With much disappointment, I am off. To write “thiLi saaru” song. Bye