5 Dec 2011

Film: The Dirty Picture

Well. Well. It’s been ages since I wanted to re-watch a movie & this, this movie, has waved that magic. Why? I will not repeat the “Entertainment”-wala dialogue & bore you guys to death, its Vidya – for whatever that was covered & not shown all this while, is displayed fully, in all angles possible, & not even an inch of it is vulgar. Sexy – yes, Offensive – Nope. It is her movie all the way not with the looks but with the character she portrays. & apart from her it is Rajat Aroraa’s script that leaves you speechless for a minute & the next minute you want to stand up & whistle. Finally director Milan Luthria aptly depicts Silk's struggle in a male-dominated industry, without hampering her personal space.

I have always fancied suicidal stories, & that curiosity initially dragged me to the movie. Of course Pati didn’t complain. Movie starts with a little village girl telling her mom that she wants to get into the movie buzz. & a day before her wedding she runs to TamilNadu, to try her fate. Between also starts “I-am-a-man-&-you-are-single-come-sleep-with-me” saga. She is brave enough to handle that. She takes up a small “whip” sequence & soon turns into a sensation, the silk sensation. Adding to that is her romance between the Kant, yeah Kant & not “C” brothers, that turns into enmity soon. As the opportunities start to depreciate, she finds alcohol as company. The silence starts to kill her & she decided to produce a movie, that later gets doomed. Just when something nice is about to happen, she decides death is the best.

Naseerudhin Shah looks what he needs to be looked. Tushar Kapoor is the weakest link in the movie (especially when he *tries* to dance). Emraan, looks convincingly hot. Nyla is the Shobha De? Rest of the crew is not worth discussing. Oh wait, that background nakka nakka is awesome. Bappi Da, the golden man has done it again. All in all, Dirty is the new Beautiful.