16 Jan 2012

Film: Sidhlingu

Finally, movie has released. I guess everyone from “GuruprasadpaaLya carry this ego stating “Directors are the only people who toil hard in the movie rest just do a time pass”, one more entry to this list is “Vijayaprasad” – director of the movie “Sidhlingu”. Thanks to his nonsense, movie got delayed almost a year & when everything was finally in place, he ruins it by dirty climax. Its like somehow he has to end the movie & he does, read on how.


Movie has an introduction in “YedheLu Manjunatha” style, “Sidhlingu” loves car since he was a “haalu kuDiyo magu”. He is a normal huDga who plays pranks against his enemy gang, but when the gang leader comes to school in car, befriends her. Before his reel love changes into real love, the girl takes ticket in a car accident.


Next phase “Sidhlingu” is in college, taking drop from “always taruNiAnDalamma. She is waiting for her husband in “Maddur” railway station, like she knows he will come in train only. In between, one-day trips happen & so does “that akasmika” where “Sidhlingu” loses his V. Just then he also loses his parents & decides to move to “Bangalore”.


He is now a soap selling salesman who still hasn’t let go his dreams of having a car. One day he reads that a particular vintage car is for sale & meets “Pasha” uncle who lives alone coz his wife died & son is now a rowdy. Introduction song in “Puneeth’s” voice is peppy, just that it has to be in one loop. “Pasha” uncle gives many tests to see if his car will be taken “care” & finally is ok with selling to “Sidhlingu”. Our hero starts accumulating money, & in this process meets “MangaLa”, school teacher Ramya. “Yellello oDuva manase” is one of the best songs of 2012 so far & the way it has been shot is awesome, gives “ee sanje yaakagide” feel.


With much difficulty, Sidhlingu buys the car & start title track which is the only song that has been shot spending some amount of money. Not outdoor locations mind you, but with the help of graphics & foreign huDgis. “Pasha” uncle dies leaving a document to hero & asking him open on a particular date. Meanwhile “Sidhlingu” proposes with “mobile ge sim card haakilla” dialogue to “MangaLa” & gets slapped. Start *chombo chombo* song, this again is played in loop. Shows how the director did not want the music director to take away accolades.


“Sidhlingu” opens the document & sees “Form 29”, goes to RTO, sees anDalamma & loses the form. Pasha’s rowdy son has registered a complaint in the police station that his dad’s car is lost, & police arrest “Sidhlungu” as he is unable to show any documents. Car is surrendered to rowdy son, but good police staff, know that hero is of no fault & asks a thief to steal the car, thereby giving the car back to hero. But within no time, car is seized & “mangaLa” wants to show “kaDlekaayibeeja”, hence a big fight erupts between, hero, police & rowdy.


Police uncle shoots rowdy but it hits “MangaLa”. Movie end. It’s so abrupt. With such a lovely story, two awesome people acting in the movie, it is very bad for the sandalwood audience to come out of the movie hall cribbing. Director fails to utilize both the actors, there is no grip in MangaLa’s characters apart from money lending & giving it back. Yogi’s does a commendable job with his role; his dialogue delivery has reached a pinnacle. Music by Anoop is the positive aspect. Finally director, apart from the narration & dialogues, there is nothing else to be spoken about. The industry will never grow till such egos exist.





ಗುರುರಾಜ said...

So far the best review I have read.. poorthi picturrae kaN munde oDdangaythu.. (now dont ask the money back :P )

Keep posting..

PS: Guess what: the word verification for posting this comment is "mensu"

Akilesh said...


Kaavya said...

Mensu is very small :P

HazyWayz said...

Pretty much like your other blogs, this too was neatly narrated and had enough mix of humour to make it a lovely read. Thanks Kaavya :)

Aadhre Kaavya medamnowre, ondhu maathu:
Allaa kanree Vijayappangoo, Gurappangoo Ego idhe antheeralla, idhre yeniwaaga antha nanna ondhu prashne.

After quite a long time, Kannada Cinema has come up with some out-of-the-cup if not out-of-the-box Movie Makers (Pawan also included in the list) and I dont think there is anything wrong in appreciating their honest attempt at all.

Nija, climax full othlaaa.

And one must agree that neither Sim-Card Sidhlingu nor Kadlekaai-Beeja Mangala could take the blame for messing up the final scenes. The one and the only individual who was responsible was the creator of these characters himself. And that comes at the cost of his own so called Kaavya-Referred-Ego.

Every artist would love to project his work in his best possible scale. Vijay was no exception.

All that is evident to me was that here was a man who put in his best efforts to show it to the world around him that this is how his portrayal of characters comes out to be.

Lighttaagi mishteek aagirbodu, parwaagilla kanree, prayathna pattidaane, prayathnakke dil beku. Aithe antha thorsawne praje.

Shall eagerly wait to learn about your take on this.