13 Jan 2012

Friday the 13th - 1

“Jason who?” I asked my wife who went on blabbering about some guy killing students who were camping.

“Those students from that part of the world are the dumbest. Every damn movie has the same tale, 5 of them go camping, 2 are couples & they start making out after coming out of group, & get killed one by one. Last one survives & kills the murderer. Finally a year later, killer comes back again & says “I know what you did”, I laughed hard.

Janwi wasn’t happy. She still insisted there was something called “Friday the 13th Jinx”. I wouldn’t believe. I mean my work would never allow me to get into such superstitions. 30 years in the Police department with two promotions, too many transfers, two CM medals – I was termed a “nut-case” in the department. I was like aNNavru in “Parashurama” movie; work came first. You can see my badge for my name; Purushotham.T.L & T.L certainly doesn’t mean tube light.

My wife & I are married for quite sometime now. Not sure how many years. See, men come into the world with memory loss, & that’s the best thing for the ladies to bank on. What is the fun without “Darling, remember what day it is today?” sort of question from your girl & that confused look on your face making her upset, & then you making up with ….“Puru, they are calling you over the wireless. Why don’t you keep this thing with you? Such a headache”, mumbled wifey.

“Able NR answering”

“Control to Able NR sir, there has been an accident near CCH College. The deceased died on spot & body has been shifted to RK hospital. Just for your information. Authorities are yet to recognize the body”


“So another accident is it? No one is safe these days. I told you Friday the 13th isn’t safe either”, Janwi was used listening to such news by now.

“I am going to RK hospital”, I was not in a mood to listen to the jinx all over again.

Jeep driver had dozed off while reading “Sudha”. I wonder how men read magazines like “Sudha”. Isn’t that too feminine? & what do you get reading that? Instead one could buy more newspapers, I thought.

“Sir, that dead person is aged 35-40. & I think death happened around 5am”, driver gave me some more info.

5am? What vehicle was this guy riding?” I asked

“Sirr, this is hit & run, with the clothes he was wearing mostly he’d come jogging. Also we did not find any vehicle near the body”, & we had reached RK hospital. “Lets just put a B report & close off the case”, driver had his own suggestion.

My cold stare was enough for him to shut-up. Everyone has suggestions, I repeat everyone. But when it comes to their work they go looking for advice. Ha, this is the case with these agony aunts as well. I am sure they are the first people who run to the counseling centers. I reached the postmortem room to be welcomed by my staff with the salute.

“Sahebre, post-motum over. He dead 5:30am. Vehicle fast come hit. Body picked to wife”, Madevu gasped for breath. Pot-bellied, gutka mouthed, hardly knowing any English, yeah that was him. I signaled him to stop.

I saw the body. Height 6’1. Weight 90+. Well-built. Wheatish or godhi complexion. Somewhere in mid 30s. Right hand smudged due to the impact, right leg hurt, a deep cut on his head, face as neat as it could be. My thoughts were disturbed by a wailing lady. She was cursing lord.

“Sahebra his mrs”, Madevu was sad too.

“What all have you collected from the accident spot”, I asked.

~~~~ Wait is not too far