20 Jan 2012

Friday The 13th - 2

 “I told you guys. Now what do we do”, Tilak was shivering


“It was not our fault you idiot. That man, out of no where popped on the road. I just couldn’t control the car. & moreover studying “Signals & Systems” subject whole night had my brain fucked”, Sanjay mumbled.


“Lo eg yenro madodhu. What are we supposed to do? I am still young; I don’t want to go to jail. I told you all, bloody lets prepare tea at room anta where will you guys listen? That dumb vehicle had to give haath with the head lights today only? Arghhh I feel like crying man crying”, Dilip was in tears. Almost.


“Guys chill. It was pitch dark & I am sure that man wouldn’t have noted down the vehicle number. Also there was no one around; there is no way the police can spot us. As far as I checked the car there was no damage. Let’s watch some TBBT please”


Story till now


“No major things on spot sahebre”, replied Madevu


“How can you guys not find anything near the spot?”, my anger knew no bounds. It frustrates me when people cannot do their work correctly. Not doing work at all would still be a good category, but doing it in a bad way bugged me the most


I was on my way to the accident spot is when I saw that the man had two kids; one 10ish & the other 7ish; a boy & a girl. Too bad I thought; but destiny, who’d know the marma behind that, it shocks you more surprises you very less.


My driver Devappa was reading “taranga”. Oh sweet lord, what is about this guy, why does he have to read such fortnightlies? Magazines like “Sudha”, “Taranga” according to me were for three groups –


One - who traveled every day by bus/train, they would pick it up for time pass. This category actually never read the magazine; they flip through the photos or pictures to spend time.


Two – who were the adventurous “we want something new” ladies, like trying new recipe or putting a new rangoli or doing padhabandha while the chapathi got burnt.


Three – some one who only read “agony aunt” section, as in whose sex life is dull, what are the various problems teens have, how the widow is having an affair with a married man, yeah trust me there are people who would read only this section of the magazine.


Not sure what category this man whom I spend most of my day with was looking for. We reached the accident spot; the road was re-tarred recently & had no pot-holes for the 100mts stretch. I saw lot of tier marks, but the most prominent one being of a 4-wheelar probably of the hard & sudden brakes the driver had to apply.


“Have you taken a pic of these marks?”


Hoon sahebre, clicked”, said Madevu


He was right, my staff. I couldn’t find anything interesting in the nearby vicinity. I walked almost 100 steps towards the main road. Still negative, nothing!


“B report sir, why so much trouble”, driver repeated himself.


I sighed. . . . .


ಗುರುರಾಜ said...

Even though felt bit odd in the way first part ended, happy to see second part and its a perfect THRILLER !!!! a new way of story telling..

I had used a similar technique quite a while (though not successfull like you)

here are the links:
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