11 Jan 2012

Vote Of Thanks!

Well Well, this place sure looks dusty & cobwebs!! Hello dear readers, how have you been? How is the New Year treating you? Thank you for all the concerns over the mails, yours truly is doing very well, & obviously is hail & healthy.

Every time mother hands over my jathaka to any astrologer the first thing they come up with is “she will live 100 years”, so yeah you have to tolerate me for that long. Coming back to why I vanished, last post I did mention, about the Annual Day celebrations at work.

Over a month, meetings, schedules, emails, phone calls happened; apprehensions, anxiousness were part of life. There was no plan B, & plan A looked very hazy. Every holiday was given a skip; Pati’s birthday was sobered down et el for the smooth execution of the event. & what happened on Jan 7th 2012 will be etched in bright colors.

Our VP wrote & I quote “The 14th Annual Day Celebrations of SPI was a spectacular success and I’d like to thank each of you for the energy and enthusiasm that you brought to the event. I’d like to personally thank each of you for all the extra hours spent the great ideas in the build-up to the event and the seamless coordination that made SPIStars the most memorable event of the year.”

A lot of thank you has already happened over the mails, but I had to put it here, so that few years down the line, the mails might be gone but this post will stay.

To begin with it was Rachna who managed to handle every communication related aspect of the pre-event itself, then people who were sportive enough to pose for the posters – Abijith, Ankith, Appanna, Harikumar, Parineeta & Vishal. Not to forget
Shruti & Shravati, putting across these posters at all strategic spots of SPIcity. Praveen & Pavan for helping in the Melodic Contest & making it a grand success thereby helping us introduce the concept of External Performers – Srinivas D & Chaithra H G.
Reni a.k.a Reni Dayal, who has been a backbone of the event, making sure panic situations were addressed at ease.
Praveen & Manju making sure the auditions went smooth; judgment wasn’t biased, announcing results, assisting with stage rehearsals & making sure all the cultural aspects were colorful.
Prasad, Divyashree & Kamala maam for being the judges, Sairaj sir for making sure the invites went to right people in right numbers.
Sujata for coordinating with awards, awardees & the MC, Sujay, Pradeep & Ravibabu at the entry of the venue keeping count & a strict vigil over miscreants. Naveedh Aslam, taking care of the snacks; Revathi & Arpana welcoming the external guests & taking care of them. All the GDMs, Senior PMs who took care of food counters along with Tanmoy, Hemanth, Shruthi, Shilpa, Pavithra, Sanjay, Rekha
Aby for the job backstage, so apt for the role. Teju & Harris for taking care of navigating execs on stage & back.
Vathsa for all the financial aspects, Melwin for all the matured decisions, my heart felt thanks.

Big cheer to all the execs for the amount of time you spent on rehearsals in spite of busy schedules, & Shridhar MS for making them learn the moves rather quick & in a simple way. This was the lovely highlight of the night. We all loved your performances. Participants, without your practice, hard-work, and the stage would look very dull, so thank you, it was nice knowing you all. The amount of freshness you add is immense.

Mr. Srinivas from Vani press for printing lovely invite in a very short notice, Feroz & Sajid from Dream Merchants, the event management team, RS Graphics for the creative, Lakshman & Rishi, from Silent Shores for the venue & tasty food.

Srinivas D for the awesome melody on stage, it was dream come true listening to him begin the event with an awesome Kannada number “Kushale Kshemave”, Chaitra HG who enthralled the audience with “Huduga Huduga”, Manikandan & Francis for the lovely band, every one that I know only had praises for this external event.

GK for letting us know during initial hiccups that he was with us completely. Shirley, Krishnan & Srini, thank you loads for every thing, more than the outcome of the event, working with you all has been the most wonderful experience to me.


Unknown said...

Hey Kaavya, this is a really nice post! Again, you have thought of everyone who worked to bring this even to pass and that too successfully! You deserve a big round of applause and a thank you too for coordinating the event so well. It was indeed nice working with you!!