24 Feb 2012


While digging her purse for the house-key she observed that "Home Sweet Home" mat faced towards the door.
She tried opening the lock. Her trembling hands weren't helping much.
10 minutes from then, she was half lying on her bed, legs still on the ground.
She watched the ceiling fan running at the highest speed, that did not stop her sweating
"Om Sai Ram", the door bell put all my thoughts to an end. Who could it be at this time? I thought.
If its Vikram then thankfully I made home just in time.
"Yenamma are you not well?", asked Jalamma, neighboring aunty. Jalamma was 65yrs old, a widow who stayed alone in her house. One of her sons according to her died while serving the country in the military & the other left home 10 years back & never returned. She was healthy, but her loneliness was killing her.
"Im OK aunty, its just that the climate has changed all of a sudden. Would you like to have some coffee", I invited her in.
Aunty was the one who usually looked after our house when werent home. Not sure how a 65yr old lady could look after a house,
I mean with the kind of crimes we see on TV, she could hardly safe herself from such notorious people.
"No coffee ma, sit I want to talk with you. Who else do I have other than you to chat?"
"Yes tell me aunty how have you been?"
She still loves me. Yes, she must really love me. I could see in her eyes, somewhere far away, he was happy
Else why would she risk her "Present" & come to meet me all the way till here.
Agreed things didn't work well, but its never late. What if she wants me to be with her even now?
If that is the case my life is going to change so much, Jitesh was smiling.
"Who is that boy" asked Vikram
"Which boy?"
"That boy who is with Jalamma. He looks very young to be her son"
"Jalamma adopted that boy. She is certain now that her son is not coming back & wanted me to help her with adoption. Our NGO helped her, & guess what, she is one happy woman now"
"Hello", Vikram yelled, "What is your name boy?"
"Jitesh", said the 10yr old boy.
& with that she made sure that her darkest secret, "Jitesh" was hidden from rest of the world.