5 Mar 2012

Click Click


"Hey I will stand here next to this tree"


"Focus me & the tree only"


"You have to sit down to cover the tree along"


"It’s been 5 seconds since I am smiling click fast"


Click Click


After yelling all the above, I run fast to see how the photo looks on the LCD display of "Point & Shoot" cam. Often the reactions are "ayyo", "Nooooo", "Wrong", "Yuck", is this how one takes photos?


In a trip, 90% of the photos have me in them, 5% the actual place & rest 5% other people who are in the trip. This has been often criticized, mostly by mother, who also thinks she is miss. photogenic.


In between all this naTka, creative within me awoke & said "have you seen world behind the lens?" Just like how Buddha was enlightened, & tada Canon 600D is mine.


Say congrats & be prepared with the next torture!!!