6 Mar 2012

Film: Lucky

Before I start telling you about this movie, I would like you all to know that this movie doesn’t even classify under bad movies list, actually this doesn’t even classify under “Movie” category.

This was just a mere medium for someone’s chinnu to tell the whole world that she is his wife, he is the father of her child & the movie is funded by him. To prove this an effort was made to make a “no-story” script into a movie, with horrible music, tedious narration, two stupid people acting & a worst director directing it. Only positive about this movie is the dog, which was scolded in porki language, thanks to some fool who wrote the dialogues.

Hero dresses up like (psycho Uppi in Upendra movie * 100), some weird beard style, has a really funny accent “Love ya baiiiiiiiiiibyyyyy” runs around heroine who hates people but loves only dogs, lives with her dog ZooZoo. Hero (call him Lukcy) has kanTaka from dogs so zoozoo scares him off whenever he does nauTanki with heroine. This goes on for a while, & one fine day hero’s close friend who gave food & shelter decides to leave to US. When going gets tough, hero searches job & attends interview where heroine is the head. To make sure she doesn’t reject him he changes his attire, eye-color with help of a doc, makes sure she doesn’t recognize him.

Lucky who is now Vicky proposes to heroine, but she him that she loves him for his selfless attitude but is sad that lucky is no more in her life now. Vicky is confused & says he is lucky but she does not believe him thinking just to get her he is just faking. All the attempts of Vicky to prove that he is lucky fail & he decides to go away, shows up with Lucky attire again. Now heroine says she loves Vicky & not lucky. 

*Thuuuu I almost threw my chappal to the screen*

Heroine is now crying to zoozoo telling him that she fears that if she marries lucky who was Vicky but again became lucky, she might love zoozoo less. The dog decided to get lucky back, & they unite
Songs are horrible, so is the story, so are the jokes, so is the narration. Kindly do not watch.