23 Apr 2012

8 reasons why ClubMahindra membership is a waste

I am writing this with utmost disappointment. Myself & my husband have been longing to take membership with ClubMahindra for sometime now.

But before that we wanted to check out how things work, hence decided to visit one of your clubs through a member as guest.


We visited Club Mahindra, Coorg & we were really shocked at the level of hospitality there.


1.      We were welcomed by a welcome drink, while my husband was busy filling up the form, I saw that the glass I used was taken, re-filled without washing & served to someone else. They say first impression is the best impression; I almost had a heart attack at that sight.


2.      Club people knew that we are guests & not MEMBERS, still did not let us know the way things work there. Be it any resort, the package comes with food. Of course clubMahindra works in different way, agreed, but no one from your staff told us this. It was only during our meal while signing the bill we realized this.


3.      Soon we realized everything works the same way, even the light bite & coffee/tea. This is very vital for the resort staff to appraise guests about everything.


4.      We visited the spa & were in for a surprise again. Agreed that every resort the spas are on cost basis. But according to what we were told every room comes with a complimentary offer (not sure if it holds good for member guests). We were enquiring the same & the person in the reception refused to oblige. His answer was “Don’t know”, I mean what kind of staff would not know this basic information & be at the reception. I also saw that few ladies were querying about the same on complimentary treatments at spa who were Members & again the answer was very doubtful, may be or may not be complimentary. If there are too many people & reception is too busy then such answers (considered humanly) makes sense, but the spa was free, the reception guy was all free, but still not responding to the members was shocking


5.      We had booked a BR room, which came with a sofa that could be changed to bed. But because it was just two of us in the room we did not need any change of that sort, also we never made any request to the room service guys. While we both had gone out, someone from the staff came inside & changed the sofa, without permission. In any hotels, this entering without permission happens only for cleaning/laundry that too at stipulated hours. How can someone from the resort just enter the room without permission? Nothing was lost but yet that is certainly not the way things should function.


6.      We were to check out at 6am & hence went to reception a day before & asked them the formalities. As we were guests & non members, & there were lot of confusions as we booked an extra room, we told them to sort it out by morning as we had to head to work. Still nothing was done in the morning, people responsible were not lifting the phone because it was too early & the billing took 35mins. We also observed that there was wrong billing of food, we never ordered any food to our room, but the same was done by someone who stayed it the same room prior to us but it was billed to us. As the billing was delayed we were just going through the various items on the bill & found this.


7.      This is just a suggestion, we have been to various resorts, from Orange County to Windflower, but the buffet spread at Fern hall is horrible. There is no proper starter as such but just gravies, the breads are in another hall, making it difficult for the people dining to get them. What is the point of having so many gravies but no rotis/nans? Instead of having so many restaurants why not serve people well in one of them (by payment only of course) Every small hotel that serves buffet makes sure that breads are available either at the spread or made to order to table, here nothing of that sort happens.


8.      Also Planters club has no fans? I mean Coorg doesn’t require AC makes sense, but considering how humid it gets during summers no ceiling fans? How terrifying of sweating while having my drink!!!


I am quoting what we experienced. I am sure if one visits them during the time than “members only” period the hospitality would be changed. You, as a member would be treated differently than a person who is yet to be a member.


With the same money that I pay for membership & its interest amount, if I can afford a luxury resort with fantabulous facilities & most importantly go whenever I want to holiday then why would I buy this non-friendly membership at ClubMahindra?


Not sure about visiting again, but I am now sure why we are not opting for a membership there.


ಗುರುರಾಜ said...

Next time when I get call from them, will definitely convey your points. Thank god you people went instead of your parents who were supposed to be there. It would have been a very bad experience for them..

Club Mahindra said...

Dear Ms. Kaavya,

Greetings from Club Mahindra.

We are concerned about your recent holiday experience. May we kindly request you to write in to us at indu.mrc@mahindraholidays.com along with your contact details so that we could speak with you and address your concerns.


Gopal VN
Member Relations
Club Mahindra

Harish said...

I have heard of Similiar experiences. Better get a membership of an reputed Club and Which as lot affilations... U will Enjoy the Stay. For Ex: CC

Shirley Iyaz said...


We have a club Mahindra membership, a recent one, and we visited Thekady last year. Our stay was quite pleasant, though I am not sure about the glass of juice that was served to us as welcome drink ;-)

We have not visited the one in Coorg A coupe of my friends also have CM membership and have had very pleasant stays at both Goa and Munnar!!!

Anonymous said...

Normally people are satisfied with their experience @goa and munnar but ask people who had visited mashobra and kandaghat . Looking to these resorts I feel club mahindra is loosing its standard. The worst experience I had

Anonymous said...

Even I had horrible experience in Coorg in year 2014, they said complimentary,but the service was horrible. So decided not member any club, keep that amount in fixed account claim LTA and enjoy trips in interest amount.